Dragan Rosić, HR Director For Serbia And Montenegro, Apatin Brewery (Molson Coors Europe)

Being People’s First Choice

“We believe in the power of feedback – clearly defined, formal indicators or informally received suggestions or guidelines, which top management listens to and respects the suggestions of employees”

The recipe for doing business successfully at Apatin Brewery, which produces beers that are among the best in the world, is seen in an equal focus on both business and employees. Without people, there would be no business and we want to be the first choice for our employees, says Dragan Rosić in this interview.

Through individually tailored personal development plans, which are shaped by information regarding the skills and knowhow that employees want to improve, we jointly achieve potential and develop talents. A no less important role is played by the manager, who not only mentors his team members, but is also expected to create a context in which individuals, but also the team as a whole, will become better every day.

Numerous innovative projects, internal training and courses, as well as corporately available resources for personal specialisation, represent additional support on the path of continuous career development. We are proud of our management trainee programme, through which we have been employing young and talented graduates for more than ten years.

Each trainee has their own mentor who is responsible for the development of their young professional all the way. Also testifying to this is the fact that our team of Trainees, who were among the youngest, won the Case Study Competition in resolving business cases, which was organised by the IEDC Business School in Bled in 2016, and did so in competition against experienced representatives of other large corporations.

We have succeeded in achieving top results in a relaxed atmosphere, through informal interpersonal communication and the attitude of openness that we apply

Representatives of Apatin Brewery describe the atmosphere in the company as informal and different. What are the specific contents of this informal environment in a company that deals in with a serious manufacturing business?

– Apatin Brewery, despite being part of a large multinational company, fosters an informal atmosphere among colleagues. This in no way implies that work tasks aren’t carried out responsibly, seriously and according to plan. On the contrary, we work a lot and try to achieve even better results every day. The job often requires swift reactions, and it is precisely informal communication with people that enables us to be faster, more efficient and wiser in our decision making.

Furthermore, we are proud that it is precisely this culture that we nurture that contributes to each employee expressing their opinions and presenting proposals or ideas that we jointly mould into success.

In which way does HR achieve a balance between people’s natural need to compete with one another and strive for individual success in the company and the building of the kind of team spirit that is relevant to the functioning of every organisation?

– The individual development of our people is the backbone of our success. However, it is only through the synergy of the team that we can achieve our ambition – to be the first choice for our consumers and customers. We all sell beer together, and the contribution that each of us gives, in the context of our role in the company, is the strength that binds us.

At our company, promotion doesn’t only mean progressing to a position with more responsibility, but also advancing within one’s current position. Working in a large system enables numerous advantages, but we simultaneously also nurture personal responsibility for career development.

We encourage employees to think about possible further steps themselves and to have self-initiative in this process, with the constant support of their line manager and the HR sector.


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