Branka Radojičić, HRBP At Carlsberg Serbia

Diversity Is Our Strength

With more than 40,000 employees, the Carlsberg Group represents one of the world’s four largest international brewers, which unifies diverse cultures, people and brands under its roof. Carlsberg is also a leader of innovation because, among other things, it has a wealth of diversity of its own and fosters an inclusive culture

We work actively to ensure employees feel safe in their working environment, promoting the proper values defined by our policies, with which we protect the rights of every employee – says Carlsberg’s Branka Radojičić, adding that employees provide their greatest contribution when they are satisfied.

In which ways do diversity and an inclusive company culture contribute to employees achieving their full potential?

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The world that we are part of is abundant in diversity, which enables us to build upon and expand our knowledge, understanding and experience, thereby making us more creative and innovative. We adopt new ideas and solutions born of thinking that differs from our own, which we then modify and find applications for in the challenges that we face ourselves, as individuals and teams. We thus unlock our potential, then motivate and inspire others.

What connects diversity – success – corporate values – leadership?

A company achieves its greatest success when it functions as a single team, and it will be more creative, innovative and productive when that team is composed of individuals who possess different qualities. In order for a team to “breathe in unison”, it’s necessary for everyone to share the same values that are passed on to a team’s members by its leaders. That’s why we at Carlsberg use the 3A mindset (Alignment, Accountability, Action):

“Alignment with decisions”, “Accountability towards one’s job” and the “Action” we take comprise the formula for team success. When we unify different perspectives of employees with a model of conduct that defines the way we work together, advance employees and create a winning culture, diversity will never be our weakness, but rather only our strength.

In order for a team to “breathe in unison”, it’s necessary for everyone to share the same values that are passed on to a team’s members by its leaders

What are the prerequisites to create an inclusive work environment?

A prerequisite for an inclusive environment is education that enlightens employees and opens them up to the positive aspects of diversity.

When we are well-informed, we are able to notice if we behave differently towards different colleagues, if we have equal expectations of everyone, and if we value each of their contributions equally. With a tangible grasp of what diversity-based exclusion and discrimination look like, we can also recognise it in subtle forms, especially in ourselves. When we realise how much we also have in common with those who are different from us, accepting and respecting diversity comes naturally.

Is inclusion a form of responsibility?

The purpose that guides our daily work is to make beer for a better today and tomorrow, and for us that means improvement on every front. Companies have a responsibility to awaken the awareness of the collective and enable conditions under which inclusion is a natural reaction. Part of the responsibility belongs to employees, and we encourage them to have zero tolerance for discrimination, harassment and similarly destructive forms of behaviour. Carlsberg also provides support and the possibility of anonymously reporting unethical and immoral conduct via the Speak Up line.

How do you ensure equal opportunities for the development of employees?

The values that we represent are tolerance, solidarity, fairness and equal treatment and opportunities for every individual, endeavouring for every employee to feel like a valuable part of the community, who contributes – with their work and skills – to common progress, and that they are the basis for creating opportunities for their own growth and advancement. Satisfied employees provide their greatest contribution, and the success of a company is measured by the level of satisfaction among the people who compose it.

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