Science Technology Park Belgrade

Where Science Meets Economy

S cience Technology Park Belgrade

Science Technology Park Belgrade (STP Belgrade) was established as a partnership between the Government of the Republic of Serbia (on the behalf of RS Government: Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), City of Belgrade and University of Belgrade. In line with best international practice, STP Belgrade was officially established as the first functional STP in Serbia, adjusted to local conditions. Using foreign experience and development of STP model, customized to local conditions, STP Belgrade is connecting the Government of Serbia, City of Belgrade, University of Belgrade and companies on the other side.

This is a place where Science meets Economy with the vision to create an environment where the synergy between Science and the Economy is possible, resulting with innovation development, export and new jobs.

STP is growing into a new technology core of the city, gathering tech development companies, international and domestic, encouraging the establishment of start-up companies, thus making ideal conditions for innovation, technology development and competitiveness.

 STP Belgrade objectives are to:

  • Attract innovative and technology development companies (national and international), and create the conditions for their development by connecting them with science, research and high education institutions in accordance with the provisions of Law on Innovation Activity;
  • Encourage return impact on the development of science and research organizations, primarily the the University of Belgrade through the joint research with technology companies and with an objective to commercialize innovations created during the process of research and development;
  • Create conditions for the establishment of an increased number of spin-off companies and their development by using the methodology previously developed at the Technical Faculties in Belgrade;
  • Increase the employment of educated young people as well as to create conditions for returning our experts from abroad.

Primarily intended for growing high-tech development companies, small businesses and start-ups, STP Belgrade offers an attractive service package of infrastructure and business support services to its tenant companies, helping them accelerate their growth. We provide the ideal environment for all businesses wishing to be part of a dynamic and interactive community, which creates value-added development through the exchange of ideas, contacts and business opportunities.

STP Belgrade is offering the following package of services:

  1. Infrastructure services
  2. Professional services, including:

o Direct access to the knowledge base (highly educated professionals, researchers, laboratory equipment)

o Business counselling (EU programs, intellectual property protection, etc.)

o Financial and legal counselling

o Certification

o Promotion

o Networking and internationalization

Main focus is on technology development companies that have great potential to improve the competitiveness of the Serbian economy through innovation and value-added products and services.

STP Belgrade primary members are technology development companies:

 Information and Communication Technology

 Biomedicine

 New materials and nanotechnology

 Environment protection and climate changes

 Energetics and energy efficiency

 Agriculture and food

Science Technology Park Belgrade used a  significant experience and results achieved through managing the Business Incubator of Technology Faculties Belgrade. Through the support provided in the Business Incubator, 600 young entrepreneurs have been educated,  300 jobs created, 52 new high tech companies established, 45 new technology developed, 10 patent applications, 1 service center developed (set of legal, accounting and financial services, business plan,  protection of intellectual property), 3 clusters established. These results showed that is possible to scale up this success and that the establishment of the STP will contribute to further development.

STP Belgrade also became very attractive for numerous domestic and foreign delegations, and all of it enabled STP Belgrade to start changing the public image and showing its potential in terms of attracting new technology companies to enter the Park and further develop its capacities.

The first results during this 10 month period are showing that growth has started successfully,

Currently, there are 20 companies in STP Belgrade. The First call for the companies has been successfully published and due to the number of applications, it seems that the STP team has managed to raise the awareness and the attractiveness of the Complex. 9 high tech companies selected in the First call are in the process of entering in the Science Technology Park. These companies have very ambitious and serious plans for its innovative development and it can be expected that this will influence the higher export rate as well as on the creation of the new jobs.

Furthermore, during these 10 months, 11 new startups have been created by the young entrepreneurs and joined to BITF startup community.   Based on this first result, projections for the next three years includes 50-80 high tech companies developed, out of 30 new startups, 800-1000 new jobs and significant export rate.

Second public call is currently open intended to micro, small and middle-companies which are developing new product/process/service, as well as to large companies wanting to locate their R&D departments at STP Belgrade. This Public Call is open until the filling of the available space capacity of the STP Belgrade. First evaluation in 2016 will be made for applications submitted before April 15, 2016.

The 16,446 m2 complex covers the land area of 6.6 hectares. The STP is located in a peaceful environment of Zvezdara forest in the central zone of Belgrade, 4.5 km away from the city centre and 22 km away from the international airport. The proximity of relevant institutions, technical faculties only 1 km away and Mihajlo Pupin Institute in the immediate vicinity, is of key importance for technological development and innovation.

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