Nevena Čolić Mohora, Director at MITECO Kneževac

We Plan to Enter New Markets

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MITECO Kneževac is the leading operator in the field of industrial and hazardous waste management in Serbia and the region. With a strategic approach to finding sustainable solutions, quality service and experience dating back 50 years, the company is positioned as the first choice of firms operating in various industries

To date, we’ve invested more than 2.3 million euros, and for the future, we’re planning the further development of the company in the processing industry through the improvement of existing services, but also through the introduction of new recycling services, such as the reconditioning of packaging, says Mrs Nevena Čolić Mohora.

You are leaders in industrial and hazardous waste management, particularly in the segment of soil remediation and the rehabilitation of PCB-contaminated sites. In which direction will you develop further?

– In order to grow and develop, companies must invest continually in new facilities and manufacturing techniques, but also new expertise. We have to date invested more than 2.3 million euros in order to give ourselves a chance for our services to grow bigger and better.
From its founding to this day, the company has gone through various development stages – from the trade with secondary raw materials, via various services, to today offering a holistic approach in strategic consulting, but also in the management of streams of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

The plan for the future is to further develop the company in the manufacturing and processing industry, through the provision of existing services, but also the introduction of new recycling services, such as the reconditioning of packaging.

Considering that MITECO Kneževac constantly listens to the needs of the market, our plan is to continue expanding our business in the region, but also to enter other markets that aren’t sufficiently recognised, such as the MENA region.

Many types of industrial packaging represent hazardous waste. How can these types of packaging be reused?

– Apart from the excessive use of plastic packaging, which is a problem not only in Serbia but globally, an even bigger problem is perhaps the inadequate and uncontrolled disposal of such waste, which has serious ramifications for the environment.

Our plan is to continue expanding our business in the region, but also to enter other markets that aren’t sufficiently recognised, such as the MENA region

The reuse of packaging for industrial purposes is a relatively new circular approach that implies the logistics of collecting packaging and reconditioning it, along with the proper management of the leftovers of reconditioning, such as the treatment and recirculation of water. As a company that always focuses on protecting the environment, we recognised the importance of introducing such a circular system in order to create a renewable and sustainable recycling system.

Over the past few months, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, incredible amounts of medical waste have been “produced”. How will the world tackle this?

– What the Covid-19 virus pandemic teaches us is that it is no longer sufficient to worry only about our own personal interests and that we will have to look at all the problems caused by this event in a much broader context in order for us to preserve human existence in the future and further develop society on healthy foundations.

The lack of certain systemic solutions is felt now more than ever and, as a consequence, a lack of awareness about the proper treatment of waste has also emerged. These are issues that we constantly address at the MITECO Forum, an informative and educational platform for exchanging experiences and know-how among numerous experts from the country and around the world, which is this year being organised for the sixth time. It is very important for us to work in this way to reach conclusions that can further represent important guidelines for the creation of an improved social and economic environment.

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