Jelena Andrić Grafakos, Managing Director, ACO East Europe Adriatic

Every Drop Of Water Matters

ACO Group is a world market leader in the development and production of innovative solutions in the field of managing surface waters and water within buildings, and is also a member of the Green Council of Serbia, which encourages the spreading of awareness about the importance of responsibly using natural resources and protecting the environment

We invest constantly in the development of innovative solutions oriented towards the environmental conditions of the future, and simultaneously also in the knowhow and education of both our own staff and our associates on the market – notes ACO East Europe Adriatic Managing Director Jelena Andrić Grafakos.

There has been more construction projects than ever before over recent years, which poses great challenges to the construction sector as a whole. How has ACO resolved this issue?


Despite all the challenges, the construction industry is continuing its rise, and it’s important to preserve sustainability and quality in all of this. ACO has achieved strong growth in terms of its results over the past six years, which we’ve reinforced with a new facility equipped with a showroom and the ACO Academy, the expansion of the team, increased stock and changes in the internal processes, as well as expanding our market presence through new segments and new sales channels.

It is essential in all of this to listen constantly to the market, to follow closely the needs of projects and customers, to have understanding for the changes, and to adapt and respond appropriately. That’s the only recipe for success during any times.

Different projects require different solutions, while each solution requires a wide range of different products, and the essence lies in a systematic approach to the sustainable and efficient development of urban areas, right?

When it comes to the construction industry and the economy generally, we can’t fail to address the environmental impact and the need to apply modern solutions that target the sustainable management of natural resources, first and foremost in the field of water. We are today witnessing the increasing impact of climate change, in the form of extended periods of heavier rainfall or drought. When we add increased urbanisation and even more surface areas under asphalt and concrete, we reach the fact that natural water cycle has changed, because less water can infiltrate the ground and partialy evaporate into the atmosphere.

Our system chain of products takes care of water in a sustainable way: Collect – Clean – Hold- Release and the reuse of water

This is an additional threat for all surface water management systems, as most of them are dimensioned according to different technical and environmental conditions, which we had in the past. Precisely for these reasons, it is essential to approach all phases of construction project in a responsible way, from the design and selection of appropriate solutions, to construction and maintenance works.

Projects are today becoming increasingly demanding, especially in the sense of the disposal and reuse of water, such that we often encounter a need to create “bespoke” solutions for individual projects. In such situations, the importance of product quality, knowledge and cooperation among all project participants is crucial. This is the only way to encourage sustainability in approaching projects and ensure the achieving of a positive impact on environmental protection.

ACO is committed to professional water drainage, cost-effective water treatment and the controlled discharge and reuse of water. Does this represent your contribution to preserving the environment?

One of ACO’s slogans is: “We protect people from water and water from people”. Accordingly, our system chain of products takes care of water in a sustainable way: Collect – Clean – Hold- Release and the reuse of water. Given that everything doesn’t end with products, a strong influence has also been given to the service chain: Train – Design – Support – Care. We launched the concept of the ACO Academy in order to work together with our associates in identifying the best solutions to the challenges of managing water sustainably and protecting the environment.


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