Ilija Labus, Director Of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka

Don’t Skimp On Protecting The Environment Our Lives Depend On

Cooperation with research and educational institutions, creating new jobs for young people, promoting exports and developing the “green energy” project will be our future priorities, since we are constantly working to promote the values that will make things better for us all

Ilija Labus, Director Of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka

Energotehnika-Južna Bačka is involved in the maintenance and construction of the most complex energy facilities, and one of the major companies in the field of energy. We are strong advocates of improvement in this sector, especially investment in renewable energy sources.

In 2017 your company was declared a leader in competitiveness and sustainable development in Serbia. What has contributed most to this recognition?

– What recommended us for this highly regarded award was our leading position in the region with regard to maintenance and construction of the most complex energy facilities, the quality of services that we provide, our care for the environment, and our proven corporate responsibility to our local community and society at large.

We are happy to have received this recognition because it proves that we are indeed heading in the right direction. At the same time, we are aware that the acknowledgement brings further responsibility and demands that we incessantly work on achieving the business targets we have set.

Is it possible for Serbia to reach a 20%share of RES in its gross consumption before 2020, as required by EU Directives?

– It is essential for this question to be constantly asked by everyone involved in the energy sector, as our country has committed itself to reach the target of 20% of RES share in gross final consumption before that time. I should also mention that in Energotehnika-Južna Bačka we are intently following developments in this field and believe that a lot has certainly been done in the last five years to make RES-related projects more attractive for investors.

First, we now have a sound legislative framework for this sector; all parameters are clear and transparent. Secondly, the regulation on incentives for renewable energy sources or feed-in tariff has made a realistic picture of our energy potential and facilitates investments in several aspects of green energy. We have now ongoing wind-related projects, in Kovačica and Dolovo, with the participation of Energotehnika-Južna Bačka, besides many projects relating to biogas, biomass, and so on.

Because of all this, we are certain that we are able to honour this commitment at the specified time, before the end of 2020.

In the present situation of economic and social development, the promotion of environmental protection is one of the greatest challenges

Since you are one of the leading companies in the energy sector, where do you see room for further improvement of environmental protection and how do you perceive the development of green energy in Serbia?

– We need to remember that the main factor in environmental pollution is the human factor, i.e. people. Knowing this, Energotehnika-Južna Bačka has developed a large number of educational and promotional campaigns and panels to develop both individual and collective awareness and call attention to this – I would say fundamental – issue.

Moreover, we are great supporters of “green” projects and, in our organisational structure we have set up a special unit to deal with these issues. Since environmental protection requires considerable financial and material resources, we also make sure that appropriate funding is provided for environmental protection and promotion every year.