Brewing a Better World

Gerard Adriaan Heineken founded our Company in 1864. From day one he was driven by a desire to create a business that was both successful and sustainable. His focus was on creating a high-quality beer that tasted the same wherever it was enjoyed, as well as conducting business in a way that would have a lasting and positive impact on society.

HEINEKEN is the world’s most widespread international brewer and the leading developer and marketer of premium beer and cider brands. Led by the Heineken® brand, the company has a powerful portfolio of more than 250 international, regional, local and speciality beers and ciders.

Heineken Srbija d.o.o. Zaječar actively operates in two breweries, in Zaječar and in Novi Sad.

HeinekenHeineken’s core business is the production, distribution and sale of beer. The portfolio of brands comprises Heineken, Amstel Premium Pilsner, Kapuziner Weissbier, Krušovice Imperial, Newcastle Brown Ale, Sol, Strongbow, Zaječarsko, Zaječarsko Crno, Laško Zlatorog, Weifert, PilsPlus and Master Beer.

Brewing a Better World is the motto of our long-term approach for creating shared, sustainable value for our business and our stakeholders.

Over the last few years the company has taken some important steps towards making sustainability a business imperative and today it is one of our six key business priorities.
By prioritising local sourcing, a great majority of our raw materials and suppliers are from Serbia. We ensure the balanced consumption of water and reduce energy consumption by building an even greener and better world

Brewing a Better World focuses on six key areas where we and our stakeholders believe we can make the biggest difference: protecting water resources, reducing CO2 emissions, sourcing sustainably, advocating responsible consumption, promoting health and safety, and growing with communities.

HEINEKEN Serbia is committed to leading by example in all efforts for Brewing a Better World. This is not just a matter of a temporary business priority, but rather a strong part of our HEINEKEN culture.

We grow year after year with a clear focus on consumer needs and sustainable business practices. We invest in our people, our breweries and the local community, and we build skills for the future.

By prioritising local sourcing, a great majority of our raw materials and suppliers are from Serbia. We ensure the balanced consumption of water and reduce energy consumption by building an even greener and better world.

We constantly and vigorously spread our message about a responsible approach to the enjoyment of our products. Our efforts to promote responsible consumption through a partnership with the Public Transport Company had a direct impact on more than 120,000 people during the three years of its implementation. The simple tag line ‘Guys, who drive home?’ is used to raise awareness of the importance of safe and responsible behaviour while drinking alcohol. Another important element of the campaign is the promotion of the use of public transport as a safe alternative when consuming alcohol.

The partnership with the Public Transport Company received accreditation of excellence and was highlighted as the best promotion of the Belgrade Beer Fest by the Belgrade Culture Network in 2013. In 2015, Auto Bild magazine announced the campaign as the best CSR action and it was also awarded by the Association of Serbian Market Communications (UEPS) as the best CSR PR campaign and the best CSR PR campaign in the profit sector in 2015.

HEINEKEN has a long history of encouraging responsible alcohol consumption and we take this role seriously. For us, the goal is to aspire to moderate, responsible consumption.

By doing all of this, we build businesses that grow with the local communities in which we operate and which have a positive impact on the local economy.

The main pillars of all of our initiatives related to sustainability and responsibility, as well as the heart of our progress, are driven by the commitment and passion of our people, who are always ready to go the extra mile in order to make the difference.

As part of our commitment to transparency in reporting, HEINEKEN Serbia publishes an Annual Sustainability Report on our progress and achievements in the field of sustainability. All the information in the report is based on internal reporting systems and can, therefore, be considered factual and trustworthy.

Sustainability is both a strategic priority and a business imperative for our Company. Today around 73,000 HEINEKEN employees worldwide, as well as hundreds of thousands of our suppliers and business partners, are making it their responsibility to do business in the right way. If the communities and societies where we operate and where we sell our products are strong, then our business has a chance to grow.

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