Krstinja Šćepanović, Human Resources Direction Executive Director, OTP banka Srbija

We Grow Together

Even after the completion of the integration of Vojvođanska banka and OTP bank in 2021, we will continue to be dedicated to employees and orientated towards clients, innovation and the digitalisation of banking products and services, of course with the strong support of the Group

“The future bank that will be created after the completion of the integration of Vojvođanska banka and OTP bank will be a powerful combination of the best of us, with a clear vision of what we want to achieve. We will be open to all high potential employees who can help us improve,” says Krstinja Šćepanović, Human Resources Direction Executive Director at OTP banka Srbija.

“With such a trend, built on a solid foundation and experience, I see the bank after the integration as a strong player and a market leader in terms of results and great customer support,” says our interlocutor.

Which of the innovations that the bank has introduced into its business would you highlight in particular? And which project?

We’ve been focused for years on innovation and the digitalisation of our products and services, in order to make our clients’ everyday lives easier and simpler.

I would like to look back briefly at the past year, during which we implemented the mCard “digital wallet” for Android users, presented the P2P option for sending money, which is especially convenient for friends and family members, and also improved our online branch.

On the other hand, although this year has been challenging in every area, I can still state proudly that we have not faltered and that we have continued towards our goal. We recently launched the Apple Pay mobile payment service for iOS users, which has made us the only bank on the market that allows customers to pay by mobile phone via two operating systems. Payments with the IPS GR code is also a novelty and, as of two months ago, our clients have also been able to arrange a cash loan completely online, using their mobile phone and without going to the branch.

Ensuring the same quality of business under the new circumstances of the pandemic will make us think and act differently – which will be a challenge for us all in the near future

We also directly and indirectly help domestic entrepreneurs and encourage innovation through the Generator project, and this year’s fourth Generator GameChanger is intended for those who have an idea or a ready-made solution that helps small and medium-sized businesses continue to operate after the pandemic. The response was fantastic and, of a total of 172 applications, the two best projects chosen by the jury will be awarded with one million dinars each, with valuable prizes to be awarded by Vojvođanska banka, ICT Hub and other partners.

What are the main challenges for HR in this new reality, where a pandemic can dictate the modus operandi and relationships between employers and employees? How did you overcome them?

The health of our employees comes first. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve taken care of prevention and provided all the necessary measures and support, so that working from home and returning to the offices would be well balanced and business continuity ensured.

It was important to understand natural human fears and worries when facing uncertainty, in order to leave enough time for people to adapt to the new way of functioning.
The pandemic has confirmed to us that the dance of technology with humans is continuing more dynamically than ever, but also that both parties are necessary for that dance to take place.

We don’t know if this is the next normal, but it is an occasion for transformation that implies changing the concept of work. It will require new strategies from us and further adjustments from both employers and employees. I am curious to see and take part in the next endeavours, through which we’ll jointly create something better!

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