Jelena Knežević, Partner, LeitnerLeitner

Good Strategy Pays Off

Given that we provide services to international companies in Serbia, we can certainly confirm that there is a growing trend in the increasing presence of foreign international companies in Serbia. They are increasingly seeking tax and accounting advice to ensure safe and correct business operations and procedures.

The very importance of FDI is crucial to the development and prosperity of our country, given that FDI contributes not only to the use and development of technology, but also to complementary benefits like knowledge and experience in entrepreneurial and managerial skills.

In that respect, it is worth noting that Serbia ranks third among all countries in transition when it comes to foreign direct investment inflows in 2020, ahead of Russia and Kazakhstan – says Jelena Knežević, Partner of LeitnerLeitner, adding: “Compared to the rest of the region, Serbia has generated twice the amount of FDI, which certainly indicates the trust and reputation our country enjoys around the world”.

What do you see as essential steps if we want to boost Serbia’s potential in the post-pandemic world?

We realised that, during the pandemic and also in the post-COVID period, the countries that had done a lot on digitalisation were the ones that rapidly and, in some way successfully, confronted the situation and continue to operate under the new circumstances, having been made more resilient.

Thanks to eGovernment services, Serbia was able to continue providing most services in ways that would have been impossible a few years ago. Throughout the pandemic, the IT sector expanded as a percentage of Serbia’s economy and is now almost at the same level as agriculture, while global corporations have started investing in Serbia’s tech sector. The Government of the Republic of Serbia recognised the importance of digitalisation and the development of eGovernment, which has contributed to significant development in this area over the past few years.

Digitalisation, as one of the priorities of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, transforms the way the public administration works and raises its economy, transparency and quality of work

How does your team and its expertise contribute to improving the business environment in Serbia?

The key to a competitive edge in business is competence, reliability and speed – principles that LeitnerLeitner has been putting into practice for more than 60 years. We believe strongly that the outstanding technical skills of our team and high quality of LeitnerLeitner services are key factors of success in Serbia. Our offices work together closely and we apply an interdisciplinary and dynamic approach, so that we can explore all possibilities and find the best course of action for each client. Our clients are international companies and we help them, with our accounting and tax services, to focus on their core business, making it easier for them to perform their business and secure their market share.

We also cultivate close personal – and tried-and-tested professional – relations with a number of renowned consultancies. In this way, we can eliminate country-specific risks and find the best possible solution, even in complex situations.

We are also focused on talented young people and provide the possibility for them to start their career at our company. We invest in young people and help them to expand their knowledge and gain valuable experience in our company. As a result, over the years we’ve created a team that we are proud of and that is able to respond to all challenges with enthusiasm and commitment to the company’s goals.

Employees and their knowledge are our most valuable resource. We live in a time of constant changes to legislation, including tax legislation, and it is therefore crucial to constantly remain up to date with the latest amendments. Through the knowledge of our employees, we are able to provide high-quality services to our clients and to improve the business environment.

Jelena Knežević, Partner, LeitnerLeitner

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Jelena Knežević, Partner, LeitnerLeitner

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