Milenko Jovanović, Technical Manager And Owner At M&D Unit d.o.o. Beograd

Every Green kWh Matters

M&D Unit was founded in 2008 with the idea of becoming part of new technological solutions. And it brought new dynamism with its expertise in an entire array of solutions in the fields of electricity quality and energy efficiency

Conditions are being created for the construction of new wind farms. M&D Unit strives to pass on its positive experiences to new investors, while considering additional advances and new opportunities with those with which it already cooperates.

The Alibunar and Malibunar wind farms, which have an impressive look and power capacity, are among the first projects of this type to be realised in Serbia. Is this our future?

It certainly is. There is no alternative to green energy. These projects have paved the way for the arrival of wind power technology in our country, primarily in the sense of adequate connections to Serbia’s energy distribution and transmission system.

The energy sector is extremely dynamic and demands the constant monitoring of trends and new technological advances. Does this also apply to substations? To the transmitting of electricity? Are we keeping pace with the rest of the world?

M&D Unit was founded in 2008 with the idea of becoming part of these new technological solutions. We are experts in an entire array of solutions in the fields of electricity quality and energy efficiency. It is precisely these areas that have brought new dynamics to traditionally conservative systems, such as electrical substations and electricity distribution and transmission.

There is an abundance of new technical and technological solutions, and it is our to select and implement the best ones for a certain project. And the best solution is one that provides added value to a project and enables the investor to be competitive in the future. And that’s the point: we’re building for the future. In that sense, we aren’t only keeping pace with the rest of the world, but also have to predict where that world will head. Longstanding cooperation with our clients provides confirmation that we have been successful to date.

Successfully completed projects and lists of satisfied clients are the most important references in every job, including yours. What are you particularly proud of accomplishing and are you currently working on something that will give you a sense of pride?

I’m particularly proud of our contribution to the success of our clients. These are usually the details that make a difference. For example, wind parks were a new arrival in Serbia, but not for the investors who brought them. However, we proposed – and they recognised and accepted – technical solutions that they had not previously used. We thus created a completely new system for forecasting production and management production at wind farms. The forecasted data are automatically forwarded for unified analysis of the production plan at Serbia’s national level. Good forecasting and quality planning definitely make a difference.

We’ve successfully completed the construction and made operational a new steel rolling mill for company Metalfer in Sremska Mitrovica. Steel mills are very demanding systems in almost all aspects of electricity quality – higher harmonics, flickers, asymmetries, voltage dips etc. Given that they are large consumers of electricity, energy efficiency must be at a high level. It is very satisfying to connect all those dots to create an extremely functional and efficient whole.

We’ve also completed the construction of three solar power plants and commissioned them since the beginning of this year, while we are working on the development of several new ones. The installed power capacity is incomparably less than that of wind farms, but every green kWh counts, bringing benefits to both the investor and all of us. We are also actively engaged in the process of expanding the network of fast chargers for electric vehicles.



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