Milan Krunić, Bojan Terzić, Co-founders, GamaSmart d.o.o.

Digitalization is Revolutionizing the Renewable Energy Sector

GamaSmart is a young IT company that has succeeded, in a short period, in acquiring clients from Western European, including Denmark’s Siemens Gamesa. It is currently working on a major project in the renewable energy sector with this company

The IT solutions that GamaSmart engineers work on are based on the collection, analysis and statistical processing of data with the aim of reducing costs and increasing the productivity of energy systems.

GamaSmart is a young company that has quickly positioned itself on the IT services market and even established collaboration with Danish company Siemens Gamesa. How did that come about?

– There is an entire array of companies on the market that are today providing various services in the IT sector, and we have distinguished ourselves among them due to our professionalism and consistency in the quality of the IT services we provide. This is precisely what the Danes, or company Siemens Gamesa, recognised during our collaboration.

This collaboration came on the recommendation of a shared colleague who worked on a project at Siemens. Siemens Gamesa is a serious and large company with more than 5,000 employees and clearly defined procedures and standards of quality. In order for our cooperation to endure, we had to harmonise our way of working and procedures with the standards of Siemens, which are at the EU level.

After just a few months, Siemens Gamesa recognised our complete commitment, professionalism and the quality of the services we provide, and duly doubled the number of people engaged on the project. After just a year, this number tripled, so now more than 15 IT engineers from Serbia are working on the project.

You have entered the energy sector – renewable energy, wind farms, electricity transmission – all of which is insufficiently developed in our country. Does this mean that you will increasingly work for foreign markets?

– Our current operations are based 100% on cooperation with foreign companies. The underdevelopment of the domestic market and lack of interest among leading energy companies led us to this situation. Insufficient investment in the R&D sector places domestic companies in the background.

The IT solutions that we work on are based on the collection, analysis and AI processing of data with the aim of reducing costs, i.e. increasing the productivity of energy systems

The IT solutions that we work on are based on the collection and AI processing of data with aim to accumulate knowledge of asset conditions, predict failures and increase productivity of renewable energy systems.We would like to establish cooperation with companies on the domestic market in the near future. Our desire is to utilise the knowledge we’ve acquired and to enable domestic companies to recognise the importance and take full advantage of the potential of their data.

Do you believe that objectives are most easily achieved through collaboration and the sharing of knowledge and experience, through the establishing partnerships with clients?

– Exactly. We strive to learn something from every project we work on. The knowhow that we’ve acquired by working with Siemens Gamesa is invaluable, especially as it relates to a renewable energy project, and that – you will agree – is still a young branch of industry around the world.

Our work is characterised by a proactive approach. On the projects that we work on, we strive to actively enageg in solving every problem, whether of a technical or a business nature.Our team comprising young and energetic engineers who are ready to get to grips with the most challenging issues and to apply their knowhow in various sectors of information systems in energy. [email protected]



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