Zoran Đorđević, Acting Director Of Public Enterprise Post Of Serbia

Successful Response To The Rapid Growth Of e-commerce

As a public company that has always had close links to the community and focused on the needs of users – be they citizens, companies or large economic systems – Post of Serbia has been the initiator and carrier of important state projects

In continuing such a tradition, we are focused on the implementation of the most significant investments, which will have a direct impact on improving services, establishing new platforms and securing the most modern equipment – says Post of Serbia Acting Director Zoran Đorđević.

Since its creation, Post of Serbia has focused on the specific needs of its users. How do you manage to fulfil their expectations and requirements?

During the years of the pandemic, we maintained the continuity and quality of services and responded successfully to the rapid growth of E-commerce. The increase in the volume of shipments was accompanied by an increase of approximately 20 per cent in the volume of post-express shipments.

We developed new routes and delivery methods and implemented measures to preserve the high quality of service. We also ensured the significant improvement of all postal and financial services, as well creating and implementing new electronic services. We achieved all of that thanks to the dedication of our approximately 15,000 employees, through responsible administration and innovation, but also with the unbridled support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia, which shares our vision that the modernisation of postal services contributes to economic growth.

You announced the opening of new facilities as soon as you took over the helm of this huge system. What is your aim?

That is related to the needs of users and the development of the economy in a specific area, so we have enabled private individuals, legal entities and entrepreneurs to join our postal network through the opening of contracted post offices and counters. With this the conditions have been created for new employment and the self-employment of citizens, the generating of additional income for entrepreneurs and legal entities, while services are made even more available to all citizens and users. We’ve planned the opening of 300 branches, in order for every settlement in Serbia to have a post office, and that forms part of the preconditions for the economic revitalisation of some parts of Serbia.

Apart from maintaining direct contacts with users, would it be right to say that you’ve advanced well beyond many others when it comes to the field of digital services?

Through our operations we follow the goals of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in the field of developing digitalisation and the information society. The faster application of new technologies, modern information and communication services, innovations and highly educated professional staff are the carriers of development plans for the modernisation of Post of Serbia and the complete reform of operations, which we are committed to achieving. We base the modernising of post office branches and processing centres, increasing the percentage of electric and hybrid vehicles in the fleet, the automating of technological processes and the creating of new digital services on the latest technological and environmental solutions and the development of robotics.

New digital services, such as the issuance of digital green certificates, Ecommerce, postal and financial services from users’ homes, a “smart” system for shipment, E-archiving, E-telegrams and E-greeting cards are just a few of our current projects related to the development of innovative approaches and services.

You’ve announced the introduction of new digital services for the economy, including E-archiving. Are you also preparing something new for your oldest users?

In partnership with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia and the Public Notary Chamber of Serbia, we are already working on the implementation of the E-notary project, which enables the archiving of public notary documentation, as the first stage in digitalisation and centralisation of notary material. We have provided a faster and more efficient service for our oldest and most loyal users, by reducing queues and waiting times. Apart from new branches and extended working hours, we are also shortening waiting times through “smart” systems for managing queues. Moreover, as soon as is possible, we will enable the payment of affiliation fees and payments of money from current accounts at users’ home addresses.

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