We’re Introducing eCounters

Milorad Milinković, President Of The Municipality Vladimirci

Milorad Milinković President of Municipality Vladimirci

Testifying to the fact that small municipalities also have to work intensively on introducing eServices is the example of Vladimirci, whose inhabitants are accustomed to modern communication methods.

How much do citizens visit the municipal website and are they offered some more useful options there, such as direct communication with the local self-government? Do you plan to introduce eCounters?

– The municipal website is among the most read electronic media outlets in Vladimirci area. It is visited by more than 200 citizens on a daily basis and slightly over 7,500 each month.

The website provides citizens to have the opportunity to pose direct questions to the president of the municipality and the president of the municipal assembly, and this ensures they receive extremely accurate and swift responses. With the aim of establishing better and higher-quality communication, it is planned for the site to include eCounters for all departments, enabling citizens to realise their rights as soon as possible.

In which areas does your municipality have the highest potential?

– At the very entrance to Vladimirci we have a five-hectare business zone, equipped with complete infrastructure and intended for SMEs. The territory of Vladimirci is rich in geothermal water that can be utilised for the purposes of sport, recreational and spa healthcare, as well as in the production of plastic.

At the very centre of the town of Vladimirci we have envisaged the construction of a spa centre with accompanying contents, based precisely on the use of geothermal water.