Majo Mićović, CEO Of Sky Express, IT Security Company And President Of The Swiss-Serbian Chamber Of Commerce

Data Protection: A Business Imperative

Sky Express, a regional leader in the field of digital data protection, has been on the market for almost 20 years. In addition to continuously investing in the IT sector, they also provide MSSP and employee education services in the field of cyber security. They see the lack of qualified staff as one of the biggest problem in the IT field today

The region also suffers a lot due to the large lag in understanding the basics of data security, workplace behaviour and staff education, which is where the problems most often come from – says Mićović and insists that this must change.

Is Serbia far ahead with digitalisation?

Digitalisation is not a simple or short-term process, but it is indispensable in modern business. The digital transformation does not only mean the transition to digital storage of information, but the entire acquisition and application of digital services in all aspects of business. In this regard, I would say that we are showing enviable results, but also that we have much greater potential for advancement.

On the other hand, digitalisation brings with it the risks of digital business, cyber threats. Most companies do not have a clearly defined vision or a system to protect their business from modern threats. Compromise of confidential and sensitive business and personal data leaves not only financial and material, but also reputational consequences for the company.

The Information Security Act, Personal Data Protection Act, GDPR and international information security standards, which define obligations and provide recommendations regarding information security, help a great deal in improving business processes. Better compliance with all these regulations and the immediate application of safety standards in all spheres of business largely ensure business stability.

Sky Express provides MSSP services such as web application protection, SAP protection, endpoint security and test data encryption

What is the situation in the region, what challenges does it face in terms of the quality of information security?

In the region, the situation is similar to that in Serbia. The increase in the number of attacks is the result of many factors, including the increase in cryptocurrency trading, working from home resulting in new IT vulnerabilities, the increasing expertise and sophistication of attackers who are further motivated after each successful attack, the political climate, and so on. All this has influenced the development of new services. For example, Sky MSSP (Managed Security Services Provider) provides exactly that, information system security management services and data protection for our users’ clients, for which our users do not have enough personnel or technical resources. Our company’s services are the protection of web applications, SAP systems, encryption of test data and protection of workstations.

Sky Express also provides cyber security education services. We have developed a program that enables a detailed and comprehensive approach to raising the level of knowledge and staff awareness of the need for and ways of protecting information and the rules of conduct in modern information and communication systems, such as problem detection and behaviour in the event of a cyber incident, procedures for hiring and firing, secure remote work, using e-mail, setting and changing passwords, etc.

A company should not passively wait for something to happen. The only real way to overcome security challenges and respond to modern threats is to engage a partner who is able to create a suitable strategy for the right business data security and implement it continuously.

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