GIS In The Service Of Tax Administration

Dr Predrag Terzić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

Dr Predrag Terzić, Mayor Of Kraljevo

The Geographic Information System in Kraljevo has been applied for four years. Significant steps have been taken to date in the development of web-based GIS components, in order to enable wide availability of spatial data.

A large amount of data has been collected from the relevant services, on the ground and from public companies. A unique GIS database has been created, which for now contains data on the Spatial Plan, General Urban Plan, City property assets, legally regulated, agricultural land, emergency situations and tax zones.

Cooperation has been established with the Republic Geodetic Authority, which data is forwarded to on the purpose of land within the General Urban Plan.

Which activities are currently planned, in order for this tool to be used to the fullest extent?

– In the following stages in the development of GIS components, the segments needed for the work of tax administration will also be developed, which primarily means tools that will enable the more efficient and precise collection of data in the field. Work will also be conducted on comparing the database of the tax administration and the database of public enterprises, which also has evidence on the surface areas of facilities on the territory of the city.

Kraljevo has also introduced information technology in providing related social and medical care, which is a novelty across the whole of Europe.

– At the European Summit on Digital Innovation for Active and Healthy Aging, held in Brussels in 2016, Kraljevo gained the status of a European reference site location for innovative information technology programs in healthcare – for the SMART CARE project of the Health Centre and the Centre for Social Work.

This is a new service for providing integrated social and medical care through specific software solutions – the Kraljevo Health Centre is connected electronically to 110 project beneficiaries, who are aged over 65 and suffer from chronic non-communicable diseases.