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For A Better Quality Life

Caring for the community in which it operates is one of the priorities of Carlsberg as a company, which is testified to by the numerous donations realised through this company's foundations, at both the local and global levels. Globally, as one of the world's oldest commercial foundations, the Carlsberg Foundation operates through support for science, students, the arts and culture

Carlsberg Srbija

Founded in 1876, when J.C. Jacobsen secured the future of his brewery by transferring it to the management of the Danish Royal Academy of Sciences and Literature. The Carlsberg Foundation has been managed by the Carlsberg Group ever since, taking care to ensure that the brewery works with a focus on innovation and the production of high-quality products, while simultaneously supporting research in the scope of natural, social and human sciences.

Carlsberg logoThe Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation was founded in Serbia in 2015, with the aim of connecting the world-renowned Carlsberg Foundation and the works of Lazar Dunđerski, who has remained remembered in Serbian history as a great philanthropist and protector of children and the youth. The activities of the Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation are directed towards preserving the cultural heritage of Vojvodina, protecting the environment and supporting science and education, protecting consumers, but also developing the local community of Čelarevo. The scope of its support to science and education encompasses cooperation with educational institutions, as well as students and academics themselves, in the form of scholarships and grants.

One example of the successful linking of the private sector and educational institutions is Carlsberg’s long-standing cooperation with the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad. The Carlsberg and Dunđerski Foundation recognised the University of Novi Sad Faculty of Technology as a higher education institution that educates high-quality personnel, which is why it has awarded scholarships since 2015 to the best students of the second, third and fourth years of basic academic studies and master studies in the domain of food biotechnology.

Alongside scholarships for the best students, Carlsberg Srbija also contributes to the work of the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad through the professional work placement practise that it provides for students. Additionally, at the end of October, another of the many socially responsible activities implemented by Carlsberg Srbija was realised at this higher education institution. This was realised regarding the donation of a mini brewery.

The mini brewery will enable students of this prestigious faculty to work specifically on individual devices, as well as on the entire process of producing beer after acquiring theoretical knowledge within the subjects of Beer Technology, Special Beer Technology, Alternative Raw Materials in Beer Production and Quality Control in Malt and Beer Technologies. Support for science and education, but also the development of the community, will remain in the focus of Carlsberg Srbija’s operations in the period ahead. The numerous social responsibility projects that are implemented demonstrate the company’s determination to contribute to improving the quality of life in the area in which it operates. 

Carlsberg Srbija Vladimir-Vava“With the donation of a mini brewery to the Faculty of Technology in Novi Sad we are continuing our longstanding cooperation with this educational institution and striving to enable future experts in the beer industry to also acquire practical knowledge during their education, which they will be in a position to apply later in their work.

Support for science and education is in the focus of our social responsibility projects and we will continue to further realise such activities,” said Carlsberg Srbija CEO Vladimir Vava.