Stojan Rangelov, Director Of Putevi Ivanjica

Proud Of Every Metre Of Roadways

Over the course of almost 60 years, Putevi Ivanjica has completed some of the most complex undertakings, constructed thousands of kilometres of roads, conducted remediation works on numerous landslides and built many bridges. That’s why it is still engaged in some of the most important infrastructure projects in Serbia today

This successful enterprise has invested significant funds in the purchase of excavators, dump trucks and other construction machinery, while it is also working hard to educate young engineers and other employees, in order to overcome the problem caused by a shortage of construction workers.

During the 60 years of Putevi Ivanjica’s existence, many challenges have been overcome and facilities constructed. What gives you a particular sense of pride?

We built almost the entire network of state roads on the territory of the municipality of Ivanjica, thus connecting our municipality and the entire region of Southwest Serbia, working through difficult and inaccessible terrain.

Stojan Rangelov, Director, Putevi Ivanjica

We are recognised for our very well maintained roads, both during the summer months and especially in the winter period. Last year was difficult and full of challenges because of the pandemic, but we ended it with good results and lots of completed projects, and the state also contributed to that with its assistance measures. The catastrophic floods at the end of June 2020 led to the halting of traffic on almost all state and local roads, which we reacted to immediately.

We first established transport corridors, then carried out remediation works on more than 10 major landslides and repaired countless cracks and gaps in roads. We are proud of the facilities we’ve constructed, of the reconstruction of state road IB 30 towards Studenica, and we’re especially proud of the newly constructed section of the Golijska Reka – Odvracenica road, covering a distance of 16 kilometres.

The greatest advantage of our safety and noise protection systems is their durability and maintenance – viewed over a 20-year period, maintenance costs are at the level of 25% of the costs of systems made using other materials!

What is contained in your corporate CV? Would you emphasise in particular the high quality of your protective barriers and fences?

Since 2013, under license from Deltabloc International Gmbh, we’ve been producing traffic safety systems, concrete barriers and sound barriers, certified by “crash” tests according to European standards (SRPS EN 1317). Since 2018, we deservedly possess a European Conformity CE certificate of production and quality from Germany’s TÜV [Technical Inspection Association].

We’ve participated in the educating of local experts and improved security in the places where we’ve installed our systems. For example, the number of victims on the Zrenjanin road has been reduced to zero for years, while we are still expecting to see the effects of the system installed on Corridor 10 and part of the E80 road.

What makes us unique are our combined systems of safety barriers and noise barriers, where significant savings are achieved both in the works (no foundations) and in investments, particularly in the area of land expropriation. The bridge systems that we install don’t transmit impact energy to the bridge structure, don’t damage it and have the highest level of protection, representing the most superior road safety equipment throughout the whole of Europe.

Putevi Ivanjica has a completely rounded system in which continuous investments are made. Why is that important? A completely rounded system is essential to survive on the market. We possess two quarries, crushing plants, our own materials, two bases each for asphalt and concrete, a plant for the prefabrication of concrete elements, as well as all necessary machinery and means of transport, but also an accompanying laboratory for the monitoring of quality. We launched a new asphalt base last year, with which we can also be competitive in terms of quality and capacities in upcoming major works, such as the reconstruction of state roads on our territory and the construction of the highway to Požega.


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