Olga Đurić Perić, Director, Asmec Consultants Ltd

A Multidisciplinary Approach Is A Great Advantage

Over the course of the 15 years that it’s been operating in Serbia, Asmec Consultants has grown from an engineering consultancy company specialising in structural design and works supervision to become a respectable company that’s expanded its operations to Europe, Africa and America

All of our structures, whether residential and commercial buildings, hotels or factories, have the common qualities of being economical, secure and durable – says Asmec Consultants Director Olga Đurić Perić, adding that they complete all jobs on time and in a high-quality way.

Your portfolio encompasses many elements, from works supervision and project management, to expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and public health. Does project design represent the foundation of everything?

Designing is the foundation for ensuring architects’ challenging ideas see the light of day. We do everything to respond to their ideas, from concept to preliminary and detailed design, via the harmonisation of designs with architectural ideas, to control of the execution of our design and project management. Asmec Consultants is a multidisciplinary engineering company that’s capable of designing various types of facilities, such as residential buildings, hotels, business centres, sporting facilities, factories, warehouses, bridges etc. We design structures in Serbia, Africa, Asia, America and across the whole of Europe, applying different norms and standards. Among our numerous positive references is the long-term cooperation that we have with many international clients. Moreover, for our designs we use the latest software that’s available on the market, including REVIT for BIM modelling.

You always strive to ensure the client is satisfied, whether you’re working with major international companies or small entrepreneurs. Do your successfully completed works represent your best reference, advertisement and recommendation?

Since it was founded, the goal of the company has been to design facilities that are economical, secure and durable. Expertise, assured quality and respect for deadlines are the best recommendations. We’ve worked as subcontractors for large international companies, but also for small entrepreneurs, leaving our clients satisfied with every job we’ve done, so we can state with pride that we receive positive feedback from our clients regarding the quality of our work and adherence to deadlines.

We strive to complete the work on time, in a high-quality way and in accordance with all project requirements. We’ve also transferred this ethic to our employees, who are educated, young Serbian engineers, which is why we believe we’re providing a good contribution to the Serbian market and construction industry. We invest in our engineers and encourage them to develop their skills and work on improving their ability to communicate and coordinate, in order to be as successful as possible in finding a common language with clients and architects.

Among our numerous positive references is the long-term cooperation that we have with many domestic and international clients

We consider the fact that we have “everything in one place” as another important recommendation, because we are a multidisciplinary company that comprises civil, mechanical, electrical and telecommunications engineers, as well as environmental protection experts.

Belgrade is adorned with many new buildings, including tower blocks of 50+ metres, buildings constructed according to the world’s highest standards, innovative designs and innovative solutions. Even the sky isn’t the limit today?

Belgrade is developing, expanding and growing, in terms of both breadth and height, so the face of the city is changing constantly. Serbia as a whole has also changed and is now crisscrossed by new roads and railways. Though road and rail infrastructure is important, we believe its development should go hand in hand with improvements to social infrastructure that has a great impact on quality of life. It is for this very reason that Asmec Consultants is working on projects to improve energy efficiency at schools, libraries, clinics and health centres.

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