Sonja Marić, Marketing Director At Uniqa Osiguranje (Insurance)

We Convert Risk Into Opportunity

The UNIQA Group has been operating for more than two centuries as one of the leading European companies, due to its excellent familiarity with opportunities and the strength of its authentic brand. It moves boldly out of its comfort zone and proves surprising again and again with its campaigns

The statement “Don’t seek clients for your products, but rather products for your clients” briefly summarises our philosophy. Behind all of our products stands serious investigations, market research and open and transparent communication with clients.

Competition among insurers has never been higher, but you are maintaining your positions firmly. How are you managing to achieve that?

– The key to the success, continued existence and stability of UNIQA is authenticity, but I’m convinced that this is also the case with every other brand. However, being authentic in today’s conditions of stiff competition isn’t an easy or simple task. The precondition is to know and feel your brand fully, to have a clear picture – of where you were previously, where you are now and where you want to be in the future. Only then can you have the required self-confidence and courage to step far beyond your comfort zone. A successful brand strategy means that you will sometimes be pioneers, that you will take risks with campaigns, play with humour, utilise ambiguous slogans, take on some significant social issue with no guarantee that you will have full public support.

For the majority of people, insurance is synonymous with conservatism or rigidity and tradition, yet, despite this, our UNIQA Group has a very modern and flexible brand strategy. The umbrella slogan “Take heart for your happiness” inspires people to embark on new experiences without fear, to be the heroes of their own lives and to never give up. We inspire them to think with more optimism and responsibility, more successful and more secure, but also to focus on everything that they can achieve knowing that their back is protected by UNIQA. In this way, uncertainty is converted into trust, fear into motivation, risk into opportunities…

Traditional channels represent an important part of our communication, as insurance is still an area where the “live” word – on television, radio or in the press – is irreplaceable

How do you create your products and your offers? To what extent do you rely on the demands and expectations of the market?

– A particularly important role in this process is played by our colleagues in sales. They are a valuable channel of communication, because they know how to listen to users, to understand their needs, and then to transmit information that’s crucial to improving existing products and developing new ones.

This type of communication is at the very core of our relationship towards clients, whose needs have changed significantly compared to the period of just a few years ago. Their list of priorities is today topped by the need for time and comfort. Inspired by their needs, we’ve created a contact centre that operates 24/7, launched an online shop, introduced a free Viber number for travel insurance users, online payments for insurance rates, video footage of assessments of damage and many other innovations that accompany and bolster our offer.

Many companies have “relocated” their marketing activities to social networks. Which channels of communication do you rely on?

– Social networks bring together billions of users worldwide, and as such have become an unavoidable channel of communication for most companies. However, traditional channels also represent an important part of our communication, as insurance is still an area where the “live” word – on television, radio or in the press – is irreplaceable, which is why we carefully adapt the approach and tone of communication for each individual channel.