Seeking Smart Solutions

Maja Subotić, Managing Director, Ivana Petković, Creative Director, Milena Simović, Client Service Director, Marija Joksimović, Media Director

Last autumn saw agency SVA establish a new organisational structure and new management roles, which reinvigorated the team and brought new driving energy and optimism, though they still believe that there are no small clients, difficult projects or impossible deadlines

Maja Subotić, Managing Director, SVA

Time Of The Eco-economy Coming

The times ahead certainly won’t be less complicated, on the contrary. But we nonetheless believe that human capital, creative thinking and innovation are inexhaustible, which is why we entered 2023 with optimism. The reputation of the marketing industry is...

Ivana Petković, Creative Director, SVA

We’re Approaching A Reboot

Have you noticed how the most successful people are almost never the most educated, the prettiest, the most talented? They merely worked the hardest to realise their own dreams. I believe the creative director is not the most creative...

Milena Simović, Client Service Director , SVA

Every Project Is A New Adventure

A unique approach primarily implies an openness in communication with the client, understanding all their needs and the challenges they face; putting yourself in their shoes. With such an approach, we work with equal enthusiasm on projects for large...

Marija Joksimović, Media Director, SVA

Every Medium Has Its Own Audience

Social media has been in focus for many years, and contributing further to that fact are influencers, who are increasingly engaging in monetised collaborations with brands. It is unquestionable that brands benefit from cooperation with influencers, but it is...