Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

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Integrated communications agency Fusion Communications is the author of the most award-winning campaigns. Comprehensive communication strategies are the basis for their services – PR, experiential marketing and social media marketing

We, at the agency, are aware of the responsibility we bear, both towards our community and our roles. We are here not just for short-term campaigns, but for reliable and long-term cooperation that always turns into partnerships. Our clients know why, says Fusion Communications Managing Director Nevena Kurtović.

The technical and technological aspects of communications are changing at incomprehensible speed. But what about ideas; there’s no crisis of creativity?

– The rapid change in technology and the opportunity it gives the industry seems at first very challenging.

However, I firmly believe that, if anything, it is actually quite the opposite of a creativity crisis. The open worldwide market we can all witness and be part of only gets the creative competition going, therefore really setting high standards as to what will be accepted broadly as a good campaign. Virality is often organic, without much effort, so to be able to top that with a carefully planned campaign you really need to have a good team and good ideas.

We are continuously creating and telling our clients’ unique brand of story through a variety of communication channels

Is it easier to implement every campaign today thanks to the many channels of communication?

– That very much depends on the campaign, the message, the target group. Having so many communication channels is a wonderful thing and one of the many changes that I am sure most communicators are excited about. However, every channel is for itself. Even though you are seeding the same message across different channels, you have to really adapt the way you send it, the way you ’pack’ the message, so that your audience can hear you and, even more importantly, believe you. 

Apart from speed, social networks have another great advantage over conventional media in terms of interactivity and two-way communication. How truly important is that in your business?

Nevena Kurtović Fusion Communications– In any communications, two-way communication is key, otherwise we are just talking to ourselves, and what good will that bring us?

There is no difference whether it’s an individual, corporate sector, brand or any kind of advocacy. You have to first listen to your audience and respond. I think that we sometimes downplay the fact that the digital revolution has actually given us an opportunity to tweak our campaigns in response to the reaction of our public.

Through their feedback, you can hear what they actually think about you and/ or your product. Of course, one of the biggest challenges is to sort out the ’’haters“ from actual grounded negative feedback or constructive criticism, which is one part of our analytics that has a tough job.

You’ve dealt with all segments of communication, from crisis management, via corporate communication, CSR and strategic planning, to social media and integrated campaigns. Which area has undergone the biggest changes and where is progress most obvious?

– Everything has undergone change. The fact that the channels of communication have changed and that we have a different way of talking to our audience has had an impact on all of the aforementioned. That’s because we are actually talking “with”, as opposed to talking “to”, our target groups. I would say that this is the biggest change, and from there it effects all segments of communication.

The digital revolution has given us an opportunity to tweak our campaigns in response to the reaction of our public

As a result of technological advances and technical aspects, the communications area is slowly being taken over by new generations, though we believe they still need the experience and knowhow of old marketing magicians. Do they learn from each other?

– I honestly believe that the answer is yes. It maybe requires some adjustments in these relationships, however I truly believe that it is as you asked – we learn from each other. This is another change to which older generations are becoming accustomed. There used to be situations where the new generations learned from older ones and that’s that.

Now there is so much to learn from new and upcoming generations that it is wonderful. I honestly feel that everyone should step out of the “you are young, what do you know?” state of mind. It is a good two-way learning street that everyone can benefit from.

What is the secret to successful communication in a world and time full of “noise”, half-truths and disinformation, and an overabundance of diverse content?

– Just stay true and honest. Stay in your lane. Address your causes honestly, in line with your strategy and beliefs.

Your agency is renowned for its long-term partnerships with clients, which has turned out to be the best recommendation for new jobs. What is your secret? Commitment? Respect for wishes and needs? Measurable results?

– I don’t think there is a specific “secret” to building these relationships or partnerships with our clients. As in the previous question, we at the agency love this industry; we love to learn new things and our core business is communication. With all the changes of past years, one thing that will never change is the need to communicate – if you do it the right way, honestly, always aiming to achieve the best results for your partners and clients, the recommendations and new business will always be there.

Nevena Kurtović, Managing Director, Fusion Communications

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