Mirjana Višnjić, General Manager, We Media Agency

Authenticity Appreciated

The We Media Agency does not have a long tradition, but its marketing and PR strategies are the talk of the town both among clients and colleagues, because they always offer something new. They are learning every day and are improving themselves to justify the client’s trust

The greatest challenge in our business is to foster transparent, two-way communication between client and agency. They must know that we are always on the same side – the one that benefits their business.

We Media Agency has not been on the market for a long time, but you have quickly gained the trust of large clients. What do you think about your agency’s work during this period?

– I am glad that we fought, came through and now have our place in the sun. We are growing thanks to the great effort, hard work and desire to constantly offer our clients, whether large or small, something new. I am fortunate to be surrounded by associates who are constantly asking for more, always learning and personally pushing me to be innovative.

True, we were fortunate that some large clients gave us the chance to show what we know, and I believe that we have not let them down. What remains is the everyday task of working hard, learning more and justifying the trust shown us.

Television has not lost its power, on the contrary, because videos are an increasingly clear factor in how consumers decide to shop, since they spend more time than ever watching them

You have an impressive portfolio of clients. Have we become aware of the importance of communication and marketing?

– We are aware how important communication and marketing are and our clients are also becoming aware of it. We are fully dedicated to really taking care of them because they reflect our agency. It is natural for us to be more informed than our clients in terms of innovation in the PR and marketing sector, so we can keep track of them and better adapt to their needs. It is a true pleasure to be in the situation that the leading people in the companies we cooperate with want to hear us out and give us the opportunity to experiment because they know that we are always on the same side – the one that benefits their business.

What are the greatest challenges in your business?

– To keep aware and to persist. We are moving towards digitalization and the situation sometimes changes several times a day, which is very difficult to follow.

Continuous education of staff is needed because we are expected to offer ever better and more innovative content. However, what will most likely remain the greatest challenge lies in developing transparent, two-way client-agency communication, which greatly contributes to the excellent relationship between companies and their clients.

What is the future of communication?

– As a person who has spent more than a decade in the world of media, the number one word for me will always be – content. Truth be told, content has lately increasingly moved to digital media, but television is still in the race. Exactly because the offer has never been larger, authenticity is what is valued. So that combined with knowledge, imagination will save us.