Miloš Lončar, Client Solutions Lead For SEE, Dell Technologies

Digitisation Is Never Ending

Dell Technologies provides industry customers with the broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio, spanning from edge to core to cloud. Also, as a trusted partner, the company is committed to helping customers find the best solution for their business

We have huge experience in supporting the government sector and can help turn Government IT operations into an agile and efficient innovative machine that can meet, exceed and anticipate citizens’ demands, announces Dell Technologies’ Miloš Lončar.

Time and information are considered as the highest valued elements in the business world. Is that why you are constantly seeking solutions that will allow your customers to save both?

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– Data is the most important value for companies. The ability to quickly analyse, understand and implement information is very useful, especially today, when everything is happening very fast. Companies have challenge to protect data, especially if you take into consideration changes in how, when and where we work. Employees simply need to have access to data regardless of when and where they are. This raises the question of how to protect our end point devices, which are not in a controlled environment, but when the best solution is implemented they can then concentrate and utilise all their extra time for their core business, innovations and the creativity that drives progress.

We are starting to like having everything we need at the push of a button and seek devices that can make this happen for us

What is the situation like today when it comes to the level of IT equipment for schools, the police, the army, ministries, health and other state institutions?

– There is a tendency towards improvement, and this is a long term process that started some years ago and will continue in the future. The current state is not ideal, but we can see great improvements happening and the commitment of institutions to implement or increase the level of digitisation, as they are aware that they can overcome challenges that address flexibility and efficiency points through the use of technology. One of the challenges is the deficit in an educated workforce from the use and support perspective. All these institutions are massive systems that require a lot of maintaining. It is for this reason that it’s important during digital transformation processes for the correct solutions to be chosen, not only at data centres but also at end points, as there is only one data centre while there are tens of thousands of users. The correct positioning of business level end point technology/devices is important and represents the right step in creating the most secure and manageable system that can easily be supported and maintained with existing resources.

Has the pandemic imposed a need for companies to seek new IT solutions, new platforms and new systems?

– This pandemic is an unprecedented situation the likes of which the world has never previously encountered in its modern history. The impact and shock that it had on the traditional or modern way of life and economics is huge. It really showed the need for technology that can empower not only governments and companies, but all of us, to build optimism and look to the future of the 4th Industrial Revolution, which I believe will close the gap between the digital, human and physical aspects of our lives and bring us opportunities to balance our lives as we desire. Maybe I can go as far as to say that this is not a trend but is now becoming a full transformation. For example, can any of us now imagine life without e-commerce? We are seeing an increase in the use of new platforms and solutions that are allowing self-service, service on demand, automation etc. We are starting to like having everything we need at the push of a button and we seek devices that can make this happen for us. Demonstrating how far we’ve come, Dell technologies introducing AI to user devices means that they’ve become even smarter. How long will it be until we won’t even need a button?

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