Marina Savić, Head of Corporate Communications for Serbia and Macedonia at Atlantic Grupa

New Channels, New Possibilities

Large companies like the Atlantic Grupa, should use their good practices to be generators of change, thereby encouraging prosperity and building a society that's more just as a whole. That's how it used to be, while it was Soko Štark, and as it is today

Marina Savić Atlantic Grupa

Our company is a dynamic system that quickly adapts not only to the demands of the market and consumers, but also to the needs and expectations of its employees and all stakeholders, and the key to success lies in an integrated and continuous approach, explains Marina Savić, speaking to CorD.

You’ve been at the same company for three decades. You started working there while it was still the socially-owned Soko Štark company, while today it is part of one of the largest systems in our region. Has absolutely everything changed?

Atlantic Grupa logo– Everything is constantly changing, and therefore also the way of communicating as a direct reflection of the changes to the operations and considerations of the companies themselves, not to mention technological development, digitalisation and new communication tools and channels.

Apart from that, people and habits also change, as do expectations and perceptions, and change needs to be adapted to and accepted as part of our daily lives. We at the Atlantic Grupa are aware of this and are really constantly working to improve the process, but also the people.

In 30 years, how much has changed in the communication of your company and brand over these 30 years? From your personal perspective, which of the changes was the most revolutionary?

– During the 1990s, the communications of the company were one-way, sporadic, and not at all proactive. We know that the picture is completely different today and that new channels have enabled direct and targeted communication with all our stakeholders, as well as quick feedback information. We can talk about exchanging facts, points of view and ideas with the aim of achieving mutual understanding and building good relations with the company’s target groups.

We at the Atlantic Grupa are continuously building good practices of transparency, openness and accessibility

The revolution in communication is in the mass approach, the overcoming of dimensions of space and time. Social networks have changed the way people communicate completely, they’ve even changed the way people live. And these changes are so rapid that some networks have almost completely disappeared in the last ten years and some new ones have emerged. The future, it seems, will also be very interesting. That which no one anticipated is actually happening right now – new platforms are reducing the written word and placing an emphasis on visual content.

How important to your work is direct and targeted communication with all stakeholders, and how important is fast feedback on a new product that’s been sent to market?

– The key to success is an integrated and continuous approach, which implies consistent messages that we send to different audiences about the company and our products. Stated most simply – Integrated responsible communication with all our users, with the desire to hear their needs, attitudes and ideas, because it is only in this way that we can respond in the right way.

Digitisation has certainly become a new way of life, and it is therefore evident that we are increasingly focused on online channels in brand communication, through which we can reach every consumer and quickly obtain the feedback that is very important for us in making business decisions. On the other hand, we strive to promote our corporate values, our corporate culture, which implies respecting diversity, according to all bases, to show our social responsibility and operations appropriate to a fair play market competition.