Jelena Bauder, Director, Bauder Medical D.o.o. (Ltd.) is the Best Platform

Bauder Medical, a company that has a narrow specialisation in the organisation of expert gatherings, conferences, symposia and congresses in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, emerged due to the need for clients to receive a complete service in one place, after which the Bauder Medical Health and Beauty Clinic was opened

Jelena Bauder Bauder Medical

Communication is of crucial importance in our business, and today’s technology offers us countless opportunities for that. The channel of communication utilised depends on the creative team and whether it represents the shortest path to the target public, explains Bauder Medical Director Jelena Bauder.

Your company also deals with the organising of expert symposia, conferences and congresses, while the clinic provides services in the field of general medicine, as well as consultative check-ups. How did you come up with that idea?

– Bauder Medical is a firm that has a narrow specialisation in the organisation of professional gatherings, conferences, symposia and congresses in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Having personally spent over 13 years in the fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals, I looked at the needs of the market and listened to the needs of companies, and then came up with the idea of creating just this kind of company, which provides clients with everything in one place. That is why last year, 2019, saw us receive a certificate that confirms our competitiveness, credibility and the quality of our operations. That says a lot about the person running the company and its employees.

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It was after that that we came up with the idea of opening the Bauder Medical Health and Beauty Clinic, with a slightly different approach to the people who need our help. The slogan of our practice is: “Our family. Caring for You”, because we are partners to many families in terms of maintaining their health and beauty. It is important for us that our patients feel at home when with us, where conversation, smiles and dedication solve many things.

You have also developed a major online platform for learning, What are all the areas of medicine that it covers?

– is an online platform that encompasses all branches of medicine, pharmaceuticals and dentistry in one place so that students have complete comfort when it comes to learning. I’m extremely proud of my team and our “medical tree”, as we call it in jest because it really branches out, expands and grows at a great speed, because behind it is a lot of teamwork, effort, dedication and time. We have the best platform on the market, which has tens of thousands of satisfied users.

Electronic media and social networks are an obligatory form of communication and scheduling appointments, though for patients the spoken word still carries the most weight

Creating an event brand represents a long process. Do you provide your clients with a good position on the market by creating the right contents and delivering messages to the end-users of their services?

– A brand is built step by step, along with a clear branding strategy that initially involves a small number of people, then gradually expands and grows, and which results in you making a big and profitable brand from a small one. All of our events have their own personal identity, and that is also now expected of us when we organise events related to medicine and pharmaceuticals. Communication is required, and in order for it to be successful we need to know which audience we are addressing, we need to know them and understand them well in order to formulate a clear and precise message that they must receive through print and electronic media.

It is a long time since doctors have waited for patients to knock on their door. Today they need to go out of their way to meet their desires and needs and to communicate with them. How do you do that?

– That’s precisely right – a new era of communications and electronic media. Our plans include a project that we’ll develop over the next year or two that will deal specifically with constant communication between the expert team and patients.