Filip Đorović, Marketing Director, Shoppster Serbia & Slovenia

Customers Actively Form The Offer

Shoppster has been setting the standards of our country’s modern eCommerce market since its very first day, only to have today reached a total of 180,000 products and 3,500 brands on the Shoppster online store and TV shopping channel. The company quickly managed to cover practically everything that consumers could need

Serbia’s first and leading “one-stop shop” strives in its operations to provide every customer with the most precisely tailored possible personalised online shopping experience, which also includes introducing the option of paying the courier by card upon delivery.

You’ve achieved excellent results in a short period. Are you continuing to raise the bar?

Recording good results is, first and foremost, our responsibility as the leading player in the transformation of the eCommerce industry. On the other hand, it is certainly also our reality, because this relates to one of the most dynamic industries, where trends “undulate” and change on a daily basis.

We must follow and apply those trends as carefully as possible by regularly offering our customers a new, modern and attractive range of services and benefits. It is thanks to such an approach that we quickly reached 180,000 products and 3,500 brands on our web store and TV shopping channel.

You regularly come up with various benefits, special deals, surprises, loyalty rewards etc. You always prioritise the customer?

Rounding off the positive online shopping experience of every customer represents the central pillar of our operations. Shoppster has indeed become a “one-stop shop”, but all those products and brands don’t mean much if you don’t have the trust of customers achieved through understanding their individual needs.

Shoppster has indeed become a “one-stop shop”, but all those products and brands don’t mean much if you don’t have the trust of customers

Effective communication has proven ease, speed and security in all elements of online shopping. Next come the ways you reward that trust, and we work on that with great pleasure every day.

According to research conducted by MasterIndex Serbia for 2022, 29 per cent of those surveyed want to pay the courier by card for goods upon delivery. That’s why you introduced the possibility of using payment cards to pay for delivered shipments. What do you expect from the introduction of this service?

We primarily expect it to be a great relief for both our customers and for couriers. We have left behind the holiday period having smashed all records on the number of deliveries and, thanks to the option of paying by card on the spot, we have sped up the handover of packages, to the satisfaction of everyone. This form of payment also means a lot to every customer who doesn’t want to leave their payment card information anywhere on the internet. It also serves to prove that customers participate actively in the moves that we make, and that their wishes and suggestions represent a daily parameter of our operations.

How valuable was the experience you gained in digital marketing when you received a team of 20 people and the task of setting and working to achieve Shoppster’s creative and strategic goals?

Regardless of how much it might not feel like it, digital marketing can really be described as a kind of science of people’s online behaviour – representing a set of skills that enable you to recognise the habits, routines, reactions and aspirations of different groups of people, which is extremely important for the modern eCommerce business. Shoppster strives in its work to provide each individual customer with the most precisely tailored personalised online shopping experience possible, and when you combine that with a dynamic industry, the most modern technologies, and a range of products for all purposes and all occasions in life, you receive circumstances in which you – as a digital marketer surrounded by a group of extremely creative people – can really just let your imagination run wild and enjoy your work.

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