Adding New Dimensions to a Strong Brand

Danfoss launched a bold global campaign in 2019, opening a new chapter with 'Danfoss - Engineering Tomorrow', a brand that communicates Danfoss’s role in building a better future, focusing on mega trends and sustainability. And not just that


By taking this global course, Danfoss Serbia is keeping pace with global trends and still thriving with promising results year-on-year in all segments: Heating, Cooling and Drives. Like many, we are also in digitalisation mode.


Trends 2020. More and more switching from face-to-face to digital.

DanfossBeing B2B means that our communicational approach towards our customers is changing. Direct contact is still the top-notch to our business. However, in order to keep influencing decision-makers and industry influencers, we are creating new ways and tools for communicating with customers. New generations of customers are starting to work in our business and Danfoss also has tools to approach them. These trends are becoming increasingly relevant within our Serbia TG, too.

Every part of our company is adjusting to the changes of digitalisation and global mega trends.

We recently introduced the ultimate end-to-end digital experience.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Industry 4.0 are the trends in automation and connectivity that are allowing us to change the way we work to further drive clients’ success. This transformation involves more than just components, technology and features. It means seeking innovative excellence in everything we do to provide customers with the ultimate, end-to-end, digital experience.

Tools. With our focus on the customer, our aim is to go beyond merely responding to their needs. We aim to provide them with new and better solutions, which include Danfoss online tools. The crucial part of successfully adopting communications tools in B2B is promotion among, and education of, future users. The other side of the story is database management and the creation of campaigns to obtain customers who are informed, involved and interactive. Social media prove a helpful tool, but still not the one and only. With customer email journeys and newest Danfoss digital tools designed for our target groups, such as engineers, installers etc., we are reaching greater relevance and target audiences.

It comes in handy to get all the answers from your pockets – mobile devices. Each segment has developed a useful tool for installers, with consideration for their everyday work.

Installer App is like having a second toolbox right in your pocket, at the point of installing heating solutions.

Coolselector®2 helps you run unbiased cooling calculations based on a set of operating conditions, optimise and then select the best components for your design.

DrivePro® app for fast access to the DrivePro® services, for improved productivity, performance and uptime of your Drives systems. All tools are free to download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Being Danfoss means having dedication to engineering solutions that can unleash the potential of tomorrow.

We are continuously adjusting our existing communicational approaches for customers, ensuring that we remain relevant and dedicated to meeting their needs.