Branka Conić, PR Agency Director, New Moment New Ideas

Nothing Is Created Unless It Is First Dreamt!

Agency New Moment conquered the regional market long ago and is now operating, without much fanfare, on the global market. After the United States and Canada, New Moment’s creatives have since last year been slowly emerging on India’s huge market

“Creativity is the spice that every good meal has. Creativity is possessed by top chefs, professors, scientists, athletes, musicians… It is the only constant every success, so that is also the case in our business,” says Branka Conić, PR Agency Director at New Moment New Ideas Company.

Last year, alongside around twenty other awards you were declared by the Serbian Association for Marketing Communications (UEPS) the most successful agency in Serbia. From that position, how would you evaluate the trends in the advertising and media industries Serbia in 2017?

I have noticed that as we are digitally more connected and better informed, so emotions and creativity are valued more. Alongside all of that is the product: the production of ads, PR articles, events and announcements. Our profession is given credibility by its creation, social responsibility and expertise, and it is on these things that it needs to build its reputation. In the last few years, we are proud to have received awards for projects that help to solve some important social problems, that draw attention to insufficiently known and affirmed members of the community, that promote healthy lifestyles and mobilise people for a “good cause”. And here we come to one of the most important goals of our profession. The projects for which we received recognition do not leave anyone feeling indifferent; they are emotional and socially relevant. And that is a story that everybody wants to have!

Our agency was selected in competition with the biggest international agencies from India, Dubai, Paris and London, with which we demonstrated that boundaries of creative thinking do not exist

Considering that your plans include the further expansion of your network of agencies around the region, do you expect the market consolidation of agencies which would, with the use of new channels for the distribution of information, increase the efficiency of use of clients’ budgets in the region?

New Moment has its own agency branches in nine countries of the region and it is interesting that the company’s philosophy, that which we believe in and even the atmosphere and team buy cheap tramadol online uk spirit within them, which we consider as being the most important, are the same. This is what our customers have recognised and for most of them we lead PR and advertising campaigns on more than one market. That offers clients assurances that their message will be properly adapted to the local population and that we will always be sensitive regarding its specificity, whilst also taking care not to deviate from the central philosophy of the brand and campaigns.

Alongside our regional presence, we have also been operating on the global market for several years, with our creative people from the Balkans having created campaigns for the Canadian and American markets, while last year we also conquered India.

Our agency was selected in competition with the biggest international agencies from India, Dubai, Paris and London, with which we demonstrated that boundaries of creative thinking do not exist, and that the expertise, knowledge and creativity of our people are at the global level.

If it’s not a business secret, what will be the basic strategy for the further development of the agency, on which you will build your cooperation with clients?

We are trying to continue our tradition and our belief in ideas and dreams, and to help the people around us to develop and be successful. Regardless of the fact that we significantly increased our number of employees in the last year, we want the company to remain human and for us to relate to all employees and clients with respect.

We will continue to further strengthen the agency at the global level and we will to give our creative people a chance to work for the whole world. A good idea speaks all of the world’s languages, so the fact that we live in Serbia, or elsewhere in the Balkans, does not prevent our billboards from seeing the light on streets of New York, which we are lucky enough to have happen to us.

We are part of the world, and we not only part of it, but rather we actively shape that world!