Bojana Kuzmanović , Director Of Sales & Marketing - Gorski Hotel & Spa

Raise The Level Of Your Expectations

When it opened three years ago, Gorski Hotel & Spa brought new energy to Kopaonik. This energy was so strong that the service and the very concept of hospitality and the hotel industry were permanently raised to a higher level, both at this destination and across the whole country

After profiling our hotel as the place with the best food, desserts and service, we at Gorski decided, according to an already well-known pattern, to shift the boundaries and bring a new experience that was unprecedented on Kopaonik. It was with this in mind that, this winter, we opened our exclusive à la carte restaurant of Italian cuisine – La Pista.

As the name suggests, this restaurant is located on the Malo jezero ski trail, within the scope of the hotel. Recognisable architecture and interior design will allow guests to enjoy the exceptional views and atmosphere, while experiencing the pleasure of fine dining that hasn’t previously existed on Kopaonik.

Natural wood dominates all around and spreads the well-known scent of the mountain. A fireplace, dim lighting, a terrace, views of the snowy trails – idyllic, right? It is very close to the interior and reminiscent of a hotel, but is a long way from everything you’d expect.

The uniqueness of this restaurant is diverse. Perhaps the most important thing is to start from the fact that all food is prepared exclusively using ingredients of the highest category. Groceries are delivered directly from Italy exclusively for the needs of the restaurant. In addition to the most famous Italian food brands, which everyone expects at a restaurant like this, there are also ingredients produced in small manufacturing operations where the entire production is reserved for La Pista. This means only one thing: everything you try at La Pista will be an experience that is impossible to repeat elsewhere!

The restaurant operates in two regimes – daily and evening. Just as the guests of Kopaonik like the most, during the day everything is subordinated to skiing. This makes La Pista an ideal place to gather for a short break from skiing. With pizzas, pastas, risottos or traditional cooked dishes from the Italian mountains, the experience will be complete on the spacious terrace and in front of the ski trail.

In the evenings, La Pista turns into an elegant, fine-dining venue, with the kind of service and food that you could previously only expect at the finest restaurants in Belgrade.

An intimate and romantic atmosphere by the fireplace, complemented by a quiet live performance of jazz, blues and pop music, gives you the combined pleasures of Italy, Kopaonik, the mountains and sophistication.

La Pista, just like Gorski Hotel & Spa, will definitely raise the level of service and expectations, contributing to the development of Kopaonik as a destination, while providing every individual with an unforgettable experience that they will remember for a long time and will gladly return to experience again. The variety of ingredients and preparation techniques, but also the wines that the sommelier will pair for you, will leave you breathless.

That is our way of communicating. Work. Uniqueness. Innovation. We tell you everything through experience.

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