Vladimir Vasojević, Country Sales and Marketing Manager for Balkan Countries, Belchim Crop Protection

Smart Plant Protection In The Age Of Pandemics

Innovative solutions have reached every farmer

Belchim Crop Protection has succeeded in overcoming all the challenges of the previous period and ensuring the unhindered delivery of its products and the monitoring of the condition of crops in the field. Company representatives announce the continuation of investments in the development of precise plant protection, both in Serbia and worldwide.

The Coronavirus pandemic didn’t prevent Belchim Crop Protection from continuing its committed work on plant protection solutions that guarantee certain yields… What kind of results have you managed to achieve?

– The unexpected global crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic surprised everyone in the world. Nobody expected such a scenario. 

Belchim Crop Protection

Our company, Belchim Crop Protection, is a global company with its headquarters in Brussels. We have for years promoted our company as being flexible and adaptable to all the challenges brought by agricultural production. This was the right moment to once again prove our key advantage and strength.

We have consolidated our operations, adapted ourselves and, in accordance with the measures of our state and international changes, proactively approached the performance of all necessary works, in order to ensure that our proven, innovative solutions are available to all of our agricultural producers.

Due to the closing of borders, production becoming more difficult and quarantine measures, the most important area was the actual delivery of our products, while we simultaneously had to strike a balance with the expert part of our work as agronomists on the ground, where we conducted monitoring of the condition of crops in the field. Our team responded to this challenge in the right way.

With our Japanese and European partners, this year we again introduced several new products to our market that will soon represent the standard in plant protection

What can we expect from the production year ahead of us; can we hope for good yields?

– It’s too early to provide any kinds of forecasts, although it now seems that things are quite complicated and difficult, I think we can be realistically optimistic that this will be an average agricultural year. Climatic conditions did not serve the needs of agricultural producers and will certainly impact on yields and the quality of production. We are all part of this chain, from the field to the table, and we have to think that the result will ultimately be positive. Our mission and goal are to offer high-quality, safe solutions that can maximise all production parameters in the right way, as well as to help our loyal partners get through this period, with a more flexible commercial policy.

You strive to offer the Serbian market the most advanced global technologies in agriculture, but also solutions adapted to existing conditions in our country. What is specific about Serbia in the field of agriculture, as well as for Belchim’s operations in Serbia and you personally as a manager?

– With our Japanese and European partners, we this year again introduced several new products to our market that will soon represent the standard in plant protection.

We have harmonised our business, both locally and globally, with all increasingly rigorous environmental and safety standards through our SMART Crop Protection™ programme, or smart – i.e. precise – plant protection. We are investing in the development of new products, through experiments that we conduct everywhere, both in Serbia and around the world. In Serbia we are working to ensure all innovative solutions are available to every hard-working agricultural producer.

We believe in that, which is why we are recognised for constantly providing something new and high quality. The smart plant protection promoted by Belchim Crop Protection actually represents a desire to optimise all processes that lead to top yields and production quality. We want science to be in the function of production. Being part of that is a great honour and privilege for me personally, not only as a manager, but also as an agricultural engineer in the field of plant protection.

Vladimir Vasojević, Country Manager, Belchim Serbia

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