Organic Control System

Organic Control System: Stamp Of Trust

"Organic Control System" is authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection for inspecting and certifying organic production and the re-certification of imported organic products, verifying product conformity with marks of geographic origin and verifying product conformity with the mark “Srpski kvalitet”, and it is accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia according to the standard SRPS EN ISO/IEC 17065:2016

Organic Control System Stamp Of Trust

OCS was approved by the Donau Soja Association in Vienna for inspecting and certifying products in accordance with Donau Soja guidelines.

Organic products certified by OCS on the Serbian market, in addition to the national mark, must bear the code RS-ORG-001 on their label, and optionally the certification mark of OCS as well:
OCS is the only Serbian certification company that is on the list of certification bodies approved by the European Commission, with international code RS-BIO-162 for Serbia, which enables certification of organic producers from Serbia and thus export of Serbian organic products to the EU.
OCS is approved by the Swiss Government i.e. the Federal Agriculture Office for controlling organic production in accordance with Swiss national legislation, thus creating conditions for Serbian producers to export organic products to the Swiss market.
• Since January 2017, OCS has been on the list of approved organisations that can inspect organic production in accordance with KRAV standards, more information is available here.
OCS is approved by the European Commission to operate on the territory of Montenegro, i.e. for certification of organic products in Montenegro under the code ME-BIO-162.

In cooperation with internationally reputed certification bodies, OCS provides a programme of inspection and certification of organic production necessary for the export of organic products from Serbia to the United States and Japan.

“Organic Control System” offers the following services to farmers and the food sector:

• inspection and certification of primary organic agriculture/crop and livestock production,
• inspection and certification of processing,
• inspection and certification of wild collection,
• inspection and certification of import of organic products (Re-certification)
• inspection and certification of products with marks of geographical indication
• inspection and certification of products with the mark (Serbian Quality)
• inspection and certification of products produced in accordance with DONAU SOYA guidelines.