Andrea Kiralj, Director, Berko Production Mol

Innovative Agricultural Machinery And Appliances

Machinery designed by the Berko company of Mol has found its way to the markets of 24 countries

Andrea Kiralj, Director, Berko Production Mol

The company Berko, based in Mol, has been designing agricultural machinery and appliances for a long time. The use of the SolidWorks 3D CAD package has greatly reduced the number of prototypes, which has resulted in considerable savings and enabled a reduction in product prices.

Your company has a long tradition, over 30 years, in the production of agricultural machinery. What in your opinion is important to survive on the market?

– In today’s dynamic world, preserving the ability to be competitive is not the easiest task. Survival and assuring the means of development allow a competitive product on the market, characterized by consistent quality, competitiveness, dynamic development and innovative solutions.

Our company’s machines are present in 24 countries in the world, which demonstrates quality and trust. Constant contact with the end-user is the best way to assess their various demands and provide a competitive product to the market.

You participate in a number of fairs at home and abroad. How important is it to follow global trends and innovation in production?

– Attending international fairs is an obvious investment. That does not only mean keeping contacts with foreign partners or creating new contacts, it also means getting to see the dynamics of all kinds of technical, innovative solutions. These can suggest technical solutions to our engineers.

For example, our presence at the international agricultural fair in Hannover indicates how far we are moving in the right direction. I can say that every time we visit a fair we do new business, which is a sure sign that the innovative development of our machines has its place in the global market.