Nataša Kuzmanovski, Head of the Identity and Communication Unit at UniCredit Bank Serbia:

Life is Full of Ups and Downs, We are There for Both

There is a famous quote that says “If you choose the job you love, you will never have to work a day in your life”. Luckily, I am someone who simply adores their job and each and every aspect of it

Nataša Kuzmanovski

But, what I like the most is that I have the privilege of working with a team of true professionals who, over and over again, convince me every day that the word “impossible” does not exist and that there are no limits if we strive for the same goal.Since my school days, and later attending Belgrade’s “Sports Gymnasium”, I was trained to be a team player. As a member of a handball team, I learned that if we want to succeed we have to rely on each other, on the skills and uniqueness that we all possess. We could all be perfect, but if we do not dream together, we are just a group of individuals.

The five years that I lived in the U.S., besides enabling me to enrich my education, gain international life experience and meet wonderful people, also shaped me as an individual. After this lifechanging experience, the next step was to return home. That is when I started my career at one of the leading agencies in the field of integrated communications in Serbia and the region, Executive Group, where I spent eight years, advancing from the position of Account Manager to Account Director and finally New Business and Client Service Director.

In 2012, when I joined the team at leading international bank UniCredit Bank Serbia, I found myself facing a challenge: not only to lead an already successful team of excellent professionals who have been working together for years, but also to achieve outstanding results in the field of brand management and communications, and to elevate them to an even higher level. At the very start it was clear to me that I didn’t have to tell any of my new team members what to do or how to do their job. What was expected of me was to transfer my previous managerial experience, support them to go beyond their limits, encourage them to be innovative and exploit new opportunities in the communication area and strengthen the brand. And that is what we did together.

I strongly believe that every manager, every leader, has to know and understand their people, has to understand how to motivate them and make sure that all of us are speaking the “same language”

I strongly believe that every manager, every leader, has to know and understand their people, has to understand how to motivate them and make sure that all of us are speaking the “same language”. And that is what I hope we have done together – just as our bank’s positioning: “Life is full of ups and down, we are there for both”.

Now, more than four years later, I am proud of what we have achieved together. Despite a turbulent market environment in the previous few years, we managed to support our business and significantly increase awareness of the UniCredit brand on the local market, while at the same time improving its position in the PR field. We have not only managed to strengthen our bank’s position as a leader, but to bring innovation and benchmarks in communications, in a highly competitive market. Numerous awards, but also recognition by colleagues in the industry and competition, confirm that we have been successful. Even more so, what should make all of us communications professionals in Serbia happy is that when sharing our experiences with colleagues from other UniCredit banks, the work that we do, the innovation that we bring, is in no way lagging behind what is done in what we see as more developed markets.

As a conclusion, as a professional, I could not ask for more – doing a job I love, living the excitement and challenges this job brings, and feeling the same energy and enthusiasm among the people with whom I work. Without these “ingredients”, you cannot be the best that you can.