Jovana Žuržin Vukotić, Head of Communications and Government Affairs, Siemens d.o.o. Beograd

Ingenious Communications

Communication is the voice of every company worldwide – its important mission is to support a company’s business, day in and day out

When you start working for the large international company directly from the student classroom, you need to be ready and willing to learn a lot and work on yourself. I think that success is a result of hard work and creativity, which were the crucial factors of all my achievements so far. As a graduated philologist, still in love with literature and keen on communicating, I was eager to work with my new colleagues from the beginning in the office, as well as to use and implement new ideas. This was something that predetermined my path toward the communications community, I found my job and it found me. It turned out to be a good match thanks to great timing.

Part of Serbian culture is not to celebrate successes. This is something I am trying to change in my habits. A person should be aware what is he or she is doing right and where there is room for improvement. When talking about improvements, I sincerely believe that you always have to raise the bar. I believe that a person can always be better and achieve more – and every day I set new standards in my working environment and in communications in general – to challenge myself and gain new ideas. I love that I collaborate with many people inside and outside the company, having the opportunity to get acquainted with different management and negotiating styles, working habits and inspiring skills that influence my development as a person and a communication expert. This also includes learning from younger colleagues.

Experience brings us one perspective, while its absence brings us the other one. It’s important for a person to be open to hear, able to accept different views, ready to develop and to do all that in a team. Teamwork is a key for good communication results – both internal and external – and I can simply describe it as an orchestra. If you don’t coordinate, it sounds discordant.

In addition, I believe that you have to be determined and to use all opportunities that you are offered in life. Looking back on my almost 10 years in Siemens, I am very satisfied with everything I have done so far. Working for Siemens, global technology leader, whose motto is “ingenuity for life”, I believe that it is very important to be innovative and use your genius in creating new standards with your own ideas.

My work, as a head of Communications and Government Affairs department is very dynamic, challenging, and responsible, with many projects that are of great importance for the company image. I must point out one project of which I am particularly proud: the Siemens Press Award. It started in Serbia in 2009 and gained great success in the Siemens Communications world in 2015, when out of 141 applications it was one of the three finalists at the global internal Siemens Communications Award competition. I picture this competition as a kind of Olympic Spirit, where the important thing is not always winning but taking part, which is what counts. I am very proud to be one of the professional athletes in this fantastic competition, which additionally helped the Siemens Press Award to rise from the Adriatic to the Central and East European level, and become one of the largest journalist competitions in this region. Recognizing media representatives as those who play an active role in addressing the challenges and problems that we all face, through this competition we want to further encourage them to deal with specific questions of essential topics that are in the public focus, while rewarding their dedication and professionalism.