Ljubica Vujačić, Member Of The Executive Board Of Wiener Städtische Osiguranje A.D.O. Beograd:

Enjoying WorkEnsures Success

“When work is a pleasure and not just a duty, you are bound to succeed”

I fell in love with the world of numbers and fractions at a very early age. It’s been a passion of mine ever since, so it was only natural that I would choose to study economics at university. My first job was in accountancy, while I have also worked in the manufacturing industry and financial institutions. Thanks to my hard work and dedication, I have progressed from entry level positions to higher levels. I entered the insurance industry by chance back in 1992. As insurance wins you over for the rest of your life, I am here today and intend to stay here until retirement. Ever since I started I’ve had an undying wish to learn more about insurance.

I have been working at Wiener Städtische osiguranje since its establishment in 2003. There were only six of us here at the time. Looking back over the past 14 years, I can only be proud of myself and my colleagues. We have introduced new products, improved our services, responded to our clients’ and market needs… Our results reflect our success. Our company today employs over 1,200 people. Despite the challenging business conditions and growing competition, we have managed to retain one of leading position on the insurance market. Last year our growth was higher than that of the market. We have kept half of our portfolio in life insurance and half in non-life insurance, which shows the stability of our company. All these results are even more compelling when considered in light of our business environment, where the financial market is underdeveloped and awareness of the benefits of insurance are still quite low. From the very start, our shareholder, Vienna Insurance Group, has had great confidence in the management’s ability to get the business up and running. Last year’s acquisition of AXA Osiguranje proves that they still believe in us, and also affirms the wish of the Group to do business here in the long term. This business decision fills both our staff and clients with confidence.

I think that I am living proof that success comes gradually, step by step, and that in life plans should be realised when their time comes

Most companies target good business results, but we also want to make people feel better and relaxed. We don’t want them to worry about losing a roof over their heads in the case of a flood or storm, to go to bed agonising over the future of their loved ones if they don’t wake up in the morning, or stressing about how they will cope if their family business goes downhill… Our mission is not only to increase the number of clients, but to make as many people as possible feel good because they’ve got us. This corresponds to my own values and motivates me in my work.

In addition to dedication and expertise, human values and team spirit were the key characteristics I was looking for when deciding who would be part of my team. I insist on a positive working atmosphere. In such an environment, each staff member can do their best. When work is a pleasure and not just a duty, you are bound to succeed. I am especially proud of the team I lead. There are many young experts in it, in whose education we constantly invest. But I also learn from them every day. I love to hear what they think and respect their opinions.

Being a woman in a position of seniority and responsibility is not easy. Every business brings along stressful situations that require our wisdom, patience and energy. I am glad that I have always had the support of my family. Having your family behind you means a lot, especially if you are woman doing serious business. My husband, son, daughter and three grandchildren fill me with new energy every day and inspire me to learn and advance in every sphere of life.

I think that I am living proof that success comes gradually, step by step, and that plans in life should be realised when their time comes. This is how one achieves a balance between work and family, and gains experience and knowledge, which are key factors of one’s sense of security. You must have a sense of security if you want to take greater responsibility and achieve good results.