Culture Calendar

November 2016

Open mouthed. Photography of Cristina Garcia Rodero

1-15 – Instituto Cervantes – 10: 00-22: 00

“Open mouthed” is a retrospective exhibition of the photography of Spanish artist Cristina Garcia Rodero, which covers one of the themes of her oeuvre, beginning with her first photographic project at the end of the 1970s to this day. The exhibition examines the diversity of behaviours, feelings and emotions of the human being, shown through the mouth – from the first painful scream until death, via laughter, shouting, singing, speaking, tenderness, love, happiness, anxiety, fear, surprise, boredom, sensuality, sexuality, joy… In other words, the feelings that are revealed by life itself. This project has been kept by Cristina Garcia Rodero over the course of forty years, so that she can now leave us “open mouthed”.

Photography of Eve Morcrette

1-10 – Gallery Haos

Eve Morcrette is an independent photography artist. Since 1984 she has participated in the collective exhibition donated by Air France to the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. She participates in independent exhibitions, besides in Paris, in the French cities of Arles, La Rochelle, Villeneuve de la Rivière, Gentilly, Le Perreux, as well as abroad – in Japan, China, Azerbaijan and Russia. She has participated in several important collective festivals, such as FNAC, DRAC and the CNAP.

Her works can be found in collections of photographic art, libraries and individual collections, as well as in numerous publications, magazines and on the websites of photographic art associations.

As part of long-term collaboration with Belgrade’s Chaos Gallery (Galerija Haos), and under the patronage of academic Vladimir Veličković, the French Institute invites you to journey into the photographic universe of Eve Morcrette.

Cosi fan tutte by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2 –Yugoslav Film Archive (Jugoslovenska Kinoteka) – 19:30

Ferrando and Guglielmo are engaged to sisters Dorabella and Fiordiligi. To prove to an old philosopher that their lovers are faithful, they pretend to go to war, returning disguised as strangers and court the girls under false identities. However, the ruse does not go as planned: each of them moves to woo the other’s fiancée … Will the former couples remain intact in this game of love and cruelty? Film and theatre director Christophe Honoré relates this story in a new production and under the hot African sun…

Artistic Director:
Louis Langrée

Christophe Honoré

Freiburger Barockorchester

Duration: 3h 30m, with breaks Opera subtitled in Serbian

Cast: Lenneke Ruiten as Fiordiligi, Kate Lindsey as Dorabella and Sandrine Piau as Despina, as well as Joel Prieto (Ferrando), Nahuel di Pierro (Guglielmo), Rod Gilfry (Don Alfonso)…

buntBUNT Festival 2016

2-14 – various locations

The BUNT Festival was first initiated with the goal of supporting fine art values; values that are worthy of the talent and professional accomplishments of musicians in Serbia, as well as of the country’s civilisational accomplishments in the 21st century.

This year’s festival will take place at the following locations: Kolarac, Lola, Mixer House, Zvezdara Theatre, Sava Centre, Belgrade City Hall and SANU Gallery.

From this year’s festival we would highlight the concert held in collaboration with the French Institute in Serbia within the framework of the French Musical Autumn, which will be held on 14th November at the Sava Centre at 8pm.

Marc Coppey, violoncello (France)

Markis New Symphony Orchestra Conductor:
Predrag Gosta (USA/Serbia)

Repertoire: J. Ph. Rameau:
Suite from “Les fêtes d’Hebe” (“Les Talens lyriques”), C. Ph. E. Bach: Concerto for violoncello in A major, Wq 172, Largo-Allegro con Sordini, mesto-Allegro assai, A. Makris “Trilogy” for orchestra, W.A. Mozart: Overture from the opera “Don Giovanni”, J. Haydn : Concerto for violoncello in C major, Hob. VIIb: 1-Adagio-Moderato Allegro molto.

For complete programme details, please visit:

Concert in the Gallery – Meinhard Holler & Olga Salogina

4 – Instituto Italiano di Cultura – 20:00

The concert of Meinhard Holler, a violoncellist from Germany, and Olga Salogina, a pianist from Russia, is organised in cooperation with the Italian Culture Institute and the Belgrade Culture Centre as part of the Concerts in the Gallery of the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade. Every Monday during the month of November from 8pm the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade will host concerts in the cycle Concerts at the Gallery, under the organisation of the Belgrade Culture Centre. Through this collaboration with KCB, a significant cultural institution in Belgrade, the Italian Culture Institute confirms itself as a centre of cultural initiatives and activities, open towards the city and the Belgrade audience, and becoming a scene for talented young musicians, winners of national and international competitions, as well as established artists. The event is organised in cooperation with UMUS, the Association of Serbian Musicians, and Art Link Festival.

Japanese Serbian Film Festival

5-6 – Yugoslav Film Archive (Jugoslovenska Kinoteka) – 22:30

At the 3rd JSFF visitors in Belgrade and Tokyo will have the opportunity to follow the programme on the topic of ‘Devotion’, and to become more familiar with the differences and similarities between Serbian and Japanese art. Free from genre limits, JSFF will present, from documentaries to fiction, the best answers on this year’s topic. In addition to the Yugoslav Film Archive, the organiser (CultCrave) this year is joined by the Academy of Fine Arts and multimedia (ALUM), contributing to the quality of the event and its related facilities and activities. Parallel projections in both Belgrade and Tokyo enables JSFF to nurture the same ambitions also in the Far East.

19:00 Opening Ceremony
20:00 Official Selection: Yu Shibuya – The Apology , Lana Pavkov – World Champiion, Arai Takatoshi – Quantity among Quality, Miloš Tomić – Radiovision of Slaves and Robots, Pedro Collantes – Serrori, Maša Šarović/Siniša Dugonjić – The City, Jovana Stokanić – Psychomagic manual

16:00 Akira Kurosawa – Ikiru 18:30 Discussion on Japanese Cinetography by drawing parallels between Akira Kurosawa and yasujra Ozua. Guest: director Ryo Suzuki
20:00 Official Selection: Mile Nagaoka – Frauke, Makato Shinada – Non Fiction, Milena Grujić – Last Call, yasayuki Kubota – The woman who fell to earth, Marko Bačković – Night Line, Zoshimasa Higashi – Voldat, Jelena Milunović ’ Radiovishion, Distances are overcome, Shoh Kataoka – Jellyfish Boy, Yoshmasa Jimbo – The girl who never knew war

Ian Gillan sings Deep Purple

7 – Sava Centre – 20:00

Ian is doing a major tour featuring the songs of Deep Purple. He will perform on stage with musicians from the Don Airey Band, with Stephen Bentley-Klein conducting.

We have it on good authority that the repertoire won’t include only well-known DP songs – maybe Anya and Razzle Dazzle – but also some material from Ian‘s catalogue outside of DP.

Quite possibly these might include numbers like No More Cane on the Brazos, Hang Me Out to Dry, A Day Late and a Dollar Short, and No Lotion For That.

Support band: Papa Le Gal (featuring Grace Gillan).

Grand Opening of the “Free Zone” Film Festival

10 – Sava Centre – 20:00

The 12th “Slobodna Zona” (Free Zone) Film festival will be opened this year with the film “Neruda”, a Chilean-Argentinian-Spanish-French co-production, the latest creation of director Pablo Larrain. Gael Garcia Bernal plays an inspector who prosecutes Chilean poet and Nobel laureate Pablo Neruda because of his membership in the Communist Party. With this anti-biographical work the director completes a trilogy of films about life under the dictatorship of Pinochet. Although based in a significant part on historically known facts about Neruda’s dissident life, the action of the film is built into fiction, just in the way he would have read and created himself, as a proven fan of detective novels.

The festival was founded with the idea of using the popularisation of engaged cinema, which is not part of the usual cinema repertoire, to create room for the promotion, reflection and understanding of current social phenomena and problems in the world, the country and the region.

For programme details please visit:


11 – Kombank Arena – 20:30

A unique 3D concert spectacle the likes of which has never before been seen, Vivaldiano will be shown for the first time at the Kombank Belgrade Arena on 11th November!

A blend of the most advanced visual effects and arrangements with the classic sounds of Vivaldi’s legendary “Four Seasons” composition is what characterises this spectacle, which is envisaged for large stages and spaces. A 3D projection, with narration and the music of Vivaldi performed by a string orchestra, with powerful arrangements enriched with modern sound and electronic instruments, presents the life of this famous artist in a dramatic way.

Vivaldiano – City of mirrors, reflected by this unique 3D concert show devised on the basis of Baroque music with a modern sound and new energy, all in the service of the success stories and the fall of ingenious composer Antonio Vivaldi. The scene is filled by the orchestra of classical musicians and art-rock performers and dancers, while in front and behind them, before the eyes of the audience, alternate images made using the latest techniques for sophisticated lighting design, creating a unique three-dimensional musical experience.

Max & Iggor Cavalera: Back to the Roots

14 – Belgrade Youth Centre – 21:00

Legendary Brazilian band Sepultura released the album “Roots” in 1996, which opened the door to the modern new metal sound and mapped out the possible direction of the development of the hard rock method of performing in the 21st century.

Precisely twenty years later, Max and Iggor Cavalera have joined forces to perform for audiences worldwide the visionary record that made them important musicians of our time: “Roots” will be performed in all its glory and greatness on 14th November in the Americana Hall of the Belgrade Youth Centre.

french-weekFrench Week

17-24 –University of Arts in Belgrade

French Week will take place in Belgrade for the fourth consecutive year from 17th-24th November. The slogan of this year’s event, which aims to promote French culture and business expertise, is ‘Creativity and Innovation’. Apart from the traditional celebration of young French wine Beaujolais Nouveau, the French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce will also hold a conference on the use of advanced technology in constructing the City of the Future, with top French experts in attendance. Visitors will also be able to see the Virtual Job Fair and the Map of French Products on www.

French Week Programme:

17th November 2016 – Opening of French Week and the welcoming of young French wine Beaujolais Nouveau, alongside a mini fair of French products. Some 300 guests, diplomats, businesspeople and public figures are expected to attend.

18th November 2016 – a Student Debate will be held in collaboration with company Schneider Electric. The topic will be confirmed at a later date.

21st-22nd November 2016 – Meetings of a French delegation of enterprises with international financial institutions in Serbia, as well as B2B meetings with Serbian enterprises.

23rd November 2016 – Wine workshop; tasting of French wine with lectures by sommeliers

24th November 2016 – Business Conference “City of the Future: the French experience”. A conference on the introduction of advanced technologies in the construction of the City of the Future (Smart city). The conference will be followed by B2B meetings between French experts, businesses and representatives of municipal governments. This event is organised by the Embassy of France, the French- Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

17th-24th November 2016 – The Virtual Job Fair will be available via the internet address www. This event is expected to include the participation of the largest French companies and over 5,000 fair visitors. The platform offers candidates the opportunity to review a list of available job vacancies, send job applications and speak in real time with representatives of human resources departments through chat apps.

17th-24th November 2016 – Online map of French products: for the first time in Serbia, a digital map of French products, brands and services available in Serbia will be created. Site visitors are also awaited by information about discounts within the framework of French Week.

Date to be confirmed – The French- Serbian Chamber of Commerce will give to one Belgrade school a painted mural featuring motifs of French- Serbian friendship. The participation of some famous Street Art artists is planned for this project. Apart from this, prior to and during the course of this event Belgrade’s Republic Square will be decorated with panels promoting French Week.

Roundtable: “El Periquillo Sarniento: 200 Años de la primera novela hispanoamericana”

24 – Instituto Cervantes – 19:00

• Dalibor Soldatić “Picaresque novel in Spain and Latin America (similarities and difference)”
• Vesna Dickov: “The Latin American novel in the XIX century”
• Ksenija Šulović “Positioning of the literary works of Carlos Fuentes in the context of freedom, revolution and Mexico”
• Mirjana Sekulić: “El Periquillo Sarniento: picaresque novel and utopia”
• Ksenija Vulović: “The revolutionary novel of Julio Cortazar”.
• Bojana Kovačević Petrović: “Postbum and the flows of the Latin American novel in the XXI century”

concha-buikaConcha Buika

28 – Sava Centre – 20:30

Renowned Spanish world music singer Concha Buika will hold a concert at Belgrade’s Sava Centre on 28th November as part of her world tour to promote current album “Vivir Sin Miedo”, under the organisation of promotion company Long Play.

“I have awesome respect for the stage. Even if that stage is in the kitchen of your mother, for me that is the best stage in the world, because magic does not make the space, but rather people. ” says Buika.

Born María Concepción Balboa in Palma de Mallorca as the child of African parents, over time Buika became one of the most prominent world music artists, thanks to her specific voice, charisma and strong presence, like those once possessed by Nina Simone or Cesaria Evora.