Lecture: The France of Louis XIV and the new Russia of Peter the Great

23rd Jan., the French Institute, 18.30

The French Institute of Serbia, in partnership with the French School of Belgrade, offers a new cycle of lectures led by Florian Herber, professor of history.

Cycle: France / Russia: epic encounters, fateful duels 
Lecture:  The France of Louis XIV and the new Russia of Peter the Great.

Today, Russia and France can appear as nations with very different identities. Yet their stories resonate with common problems, injuries and contradictions; the crossing of their destinies, at different times in their history, may have had significant consequences for European history.

This exhibition proposed the return to some key moments of shared history to these two countries.

This first conference brings us to the end of the XVII century where the trajectories of France and Russia begin to approach inexorably. The France of Louis XIV, which asserts itself as the new dominant power of the continent, sees a Tsar, Peter the Great, ambitions and curious, who has shaken Russia and brought it onto the European scene.  Yet Louis XIV’s France and Peter the Great’s new Russia continue to lead parallel, almost separate lives. Why?

The lecture will be held in French language and is open to all French-speakers (high school students, students, researchers, adults) who want a better understanding of the contemporary world by analyzing the parallel lives of France and Russia.

French Institute, Knez Mihailova 31, Belgrade