French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce – Female Empowerment Training

14 Dec., CCFS (10 Kosovska st)

French-Serbian Chamber of Commerce is organising a new training cycle aimed at empowering female business people with the first training called “Self-Employment”.

Female colleagues are struggling with various prejudices and experiencing some difficulty getting the top positions.

This training will help them with practical advice, teach how to recognise and use their strength, communicate in an affirmative way with their superiors and their subordinates, and continue to build their career ambitiously.

Target group: The training is intended for the female audience in all managerial positions.
Date: Friday, December 14, from 10: 00h to 17: 00h
City: CCIFS, Kosovska 10, Belgrade

Participation: 130 EUR excluding VAT (110 EUR for each next participant from the same company)
Language: Serbian
Applications deadline: by December 10 at

For detailed program and conditions of participation please contact CCFS.