Culture Calendar

February 2017

Exhibition “Emergency Exit”

Throughout February – Instituto Cervantes

The world is suffering from the biggest humanitarian crisis since World War II. In last decade the number of people displaced from their homes has reached the highest level throughout the whole of history – 65 million people. According to some estimates, every year about 5,000 migrants from Africa try to cross the Strait of Gibraltar – the 14.4-km-long stretch that separates them from some better life. More specifically, the Spanish-Moroccan border represents the biggest difference in living standards of any external EU border. Under the title “Emergency Exit”, Spanish photographer Marcos Moreno developed a project to capture on camera all of the tragedy endured by migrants crossing the Strait of Gibraltar. These photographs have toured the world, thanks to his camera and his engagements as a photojournalist.

The Magnificent Seven

1-7 – Sava Centre – 20-23.00

This year’s edition of The Magnificent Seven Festival represents probably one of the most exclusive selections of feature documentary films in the European context. As many as four of the most important European documentary filmmakers are coming to Belgrade with their latest amazing creations, and with them all of the more significant fimmamkers who are on the rise. Nikolaus Geyrhalter is one of those whose works have announced the great rise of the modern documentary format; he is one of the top masters of images and transposing scenes of raw reality into a distinctive visual impression. His latest creation, „Homo Sapiens“, which premiered at the festival in Berlin, is intended to present a view of the planet now, but in some unspecified distant future, as a testimony to the traces and meaning of the entire human species.

The brilliant documentary essay “Austerlitz” will present yet another equally brilliant director and cinematographer, Sergie Loznitsa, whose films have premiered in recent years at the famous festivals in Cannes and Venice. This provocative anthropological study is sharply and brilliantly intersected with the misconceptions and controversial behaviour and values of modern man.


Exhibition ‘Touch of Glass’

9 – Museum of Applied Arts

In the Nordic countries, where light dictates living conditions, glass has special importance as a material. The exhibition “Touch of Glass” presents the glass designs of various Nordic artists and is the result of cooperation between the embassies of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, as well as the Belgrade Museum of Applied Arts and Novi Sad’s Museum of Vojvodina. The exhibition will run until 15th March in Belgrade, after which it will be on display in Novi Sad’s Museum of Vojvodina from 21st March to 20th April.

Premiere ‘Mister Dollar’

10 –Terazije Theatre – 20.00

After a break of 53 years, “Mister Dollar” is to be performed at Terazije Theatre once again. When it comes to local classics on the repertoire of Terazije Theatre, Branislav Nušić’s comedies absolutely dominate. Nušić’s Mister Dollar premiered on the stage of Terazije Theatre in 1954, under the direction of Marko Fotez, only to return to the scene in 1964. This play used a dramatic basis to present a sharp satirical idea – that in bourgeois society money is everything and man is nothing. In February 2017 we can expect to see Nušić’s Mister Dollar adapted as musical for the first time on the stage of Terazije Theatre, this time under the direction of Vladimir Lazić.


17 – Yugoslav Drama Theatre, JDP – 20.00

The Yugoslav Drama Theatre’s latest adaptation of the tragedy Hamlet is an expression of the need, desire and obligation of this theatre to appropriately commemorate the 400th anniversary of the death of the greatest writer in the history of theatre, William Shakespeare. According to Goran Stefanovski, a prominent playwright and the author of this adaptation – Hamlet importantly examines war fever, paranoia and foreign policy situations. The King is constantly at military briefings. Armies march, everyone is in a state of readiness, with soldiers standing guard. Campfires, overcoats… Foreign aggressors. Policemen in bulletproof uniforms, civilian security forces. The madness of Prince Hamlet is not merely a private matter, but rather relates to the insanity of the whole country. This is not the first time that this has happened to Hamlet. This has happened to him several times before. And by all accounts it will happen to him again. Live, die, repeat… Director Aleksandar Popovski, who is known to the Belgrade audience for the JDP plays Candide or Optimism and Metamorphoses, selected Nebojša Glogovac to play the role of this most famous tragic hero.

Opening of the 45th FEST

24 – Sava Center – 20.00

– FEST, which will take place from 24th February to 5th March, will open with a screening of local director Emir Kusturica’s latest film “On the Milky Road”.

This latest Kusturica creation had its world premiere in the competitive programme of the Venice Film Festival, where it won the Young Golden Lion Award, while at FEST it will be shown out of competition.

“On the Milky Road” was inspired by Kusturica’s segment of the anthology film “Words with Gods”. The story is divided into three parts and follows certain critical periods in the life of one man and his country – the difficult period of war, the period of boom when he falls in love with a woman who is ready to sacrifice everything for him, and his last days, when he looks back on his turbulent past.

Starring in the lead roles are Monica Bellucci and Kusturica himself, while the cast also includes Sloboda Mićalović, Predrag Miki Manojlović and Sergej Trifunović.