Exhibition “Aux Antipodes”

31 Dec., Museum of African Art

Exhibition “Aux Antipodes” november 2018

A year after his first visit to Belgrade, French artist Massiniss Selmani returns to attend the opening of his exhibition at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade.

The works of Massinissa Selmani originate from socio-political events, through clippings from the press that have been collecting for years. Through confrontation and interweaving without any logical sense, Massinissa Selmani creates an enigmatic and ambiguous scene that highlights the ironic and tragic character of the absurd situations shown in his drawings. Massinissa Selmani lives and works in France. Among other things, his works were exhibited at the biennials in Lyon, Dakar and Venice.

More recently, he was a winner of the Collector Prize and Sam Art Projects. French daily Le Monde has included Massinissa Selmani on the list of five best French-African artists of 2015.