Culture Calendar

May 2016

Serbia World Music FestivalESerbia World Music Festival
1st-2nd – Gornji Milanovac

The Serbia World Music Festival is attempting to create a new musical universe in which traditional music is presented in a not-sotraditional way.

The festival area is located in the centre of Gornji Milanovac, an area well-known for its traditional cuisine and long tradition of rakija making, especially šljivovica (plum brandy), which is regarded as being of very high quality.

Sunday 01.05 (City Square)
19:30-20:00 Culture-Art Society “Šumadija” with guests (Serbia)
20:00-21:15 Divanhana (Bosnia-Herzegovina)
21:15-21:30 Opening ceremony
21:30-23:00 Garavi Sokak (Serbia)
Monday 02.05 (City Square)
19:15-20:15 Gypsy Aleksići – (Serbia)
20:30-21:15 Bratsberg Longhorns (Norway)

Trond Ytterbø, frontman of the famous Norwegian group Notodden Blues Band, has been among the leding figures on the Norwegian blues scene since the 1970s, while he was also active in establishing one of Europe’s biggest and best renowned blues festivals in his hometown.

The Great Bratsberg Longhorns is a side project for Trond – a feel-good ensemble performing his own music, as well as famous R&B tracks and sometimes even Irish music – interpreted in their own unique way.

Drummer Tore Solheim and keyboardist Runar Boyesen have played with Trond for many years, while the three of them have also performed as backing artists for the legendary Jeremy Spencer, of Fleetwood Mac fame, both in Scandinavia and India!

Trond performed with his original band at the Serbia World Music Festival three years ago and could not wait to come back for more!

21:30-23:15 Van Gogh, with guest performer Dejan Petrović (Serbia).

Public PropositionsPublic Propositions
4th – Goethe Institut – 20:00

Participants of the conversation: Mischa Kuball artist and professor at the Faculty of Media, Cologne Barbara Steiner, newly appointed director of Graz’s Kunsthaus Museum Miodrag Šuvaković, professor and dean of the Belgrade Faculty of Media and Communications Zoran Erić, head of the department of art collections and exhibitions at the Belgrade Museum of Contemporary Art (moderator) Public prepositions is the name of a series of projects, performances and interventions that Mischa Kuball implemented over several decades in numerous cities around the world. A recently published monograph of the same name will provide the starting point for discussion and reflection of artistic interventions in urban contexts and the public sphere. One of the topics of discussion will be the question of what the term “public” means today and how to differentiate it from different theoretical positions. The way Kuball approaches the problems of specific urban or social context can be characterised by the term city-specific artistic practice. This term opens up a new field for rethinking the possibilities of artistic reactions to urban transformation at the global level, as well as analysis of the process of homogenisation conditioned by the dominant neo-liberal model of social reproduction.

Magic FluteMagic Flute
4th – National Theatre – 19:30

A celebration of true love conquering all, The Magic Flute transports us into an enchanted world where good faces the forces of darkness. Packed with exquisite singing and stage wizardry, Mozart’s delightful blend of high comedy and serious drama enchants young and old alike.

Mihailo Radovic
5th – Guarnerius – 20:00

The first solo concert of young Mihailo Radović, the great-grandson of famous conductor and violinist Vlastimir Pavlović Carevac, will be held at 8pm at Guarnerius on 5th May. This richly talented young artist will perform alongside pianist Vera Gatalica.

Enrique IglesiasEnrique Iglesias
10th – Kombank Arena – 20:30

Multi-talented, award-winning artist Enrique Iglesias, who – in addition to enjoying a rich music career – has also proved himself as a successful songwriter, producer, dancer and actor, is coming to Belgrade!

Enrique has sold over 100 million albums worldwide and prestigious Billboard magazine “crowned” him the “King of dance” and the “King of Latin pop”.

This will be his second concert at the Kombank Arena, the first having been held seven years ago.

La Traviata
11th – National Theatre – 19:30

La Traviata, the opera in three acts by Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi (libretto in Italian by Francesco Maria Piave) premiered in Venice at the La Fenice opera house on 6th March 1853. Based on the 1852 play by Alexandre Dumas fils (La Dame aux camélias), the opera marked a major step forward for Verdi in his quest to express dramatic ideas in music. La Traviata means “the fallen woman” or “the one who goes astray” and refers to the main character, Violetta Valéry, a courtesan. The opera features some of the most challenging and revered music in the entire soprano repertoire. The aria “Sempre libera”, at the end of Act I, is particularly well known.

Severin FilipovićSeverin Filipovic
12th – Guarnerius – 20:00

Severin Filipović, a master’s student at Belgrade University’s Faculty of Music, has won numerous awards in national and international competitions: first prize at the 18th Šabac International Competition for Young Pianists, first prize at the 2015 Republic Competition of Chamber Music in Belgrade (piano duo), second prize at the 11th Davorin Jenko International Competition in Belgrade, 2nd prize at the 10th Davorin Jenko International Competition as a chamber ensemble (piano, mandolin) and a semi-finalist of the 49th Jeunesses Musicales competition in Belgrade. He has attended master classes with many renowned professors and teachers, such as Arbo Valdma, Aleksandar Madžar, Ruben Dalibaltayan and Michael Uhde. He has also given numerous impressive performances at various cultural festivals and group concerts at home and abroad.

Programme: Beethoven, Chopin, Smetana, Ravel

12th – 18th – Sava Centre

In its ninth year, the BELDOCS festival brings many changes. First, the list of venues has been extended, with several halls added. After the opening, which will take place, as is tradition, in the Sava Centre, the festival will continue at Belgrade’s Dom Omladine, the Culture Centre of Belgrade, the Yugoslav Cinematheque film archives, then cinema Fontana and, for the first time, Budva’s renovated Cadmus Cineplex cinema.

Films are arranged in several categories, two of which maintain their competitive character. Of course, these are the international and Serbian official programmes that will be in the national selection for the first time this year, in addition to the Grand Prix for Best Film and two professional awards – for Best Editing and Best Cinematography in a documentary film.

The main selector of the International programme, as well as the homage programme dedicated to famous documentary filmmakers Robert Flaherty is Greg Di Cure, film theorist and author, while the selector of local films is director Lungulov Darko.

For more information and the festival programme, please visit the website

Don Quixote madnessDon Quixote madness
13th – Yugoslav Cinematheque Film Archives – 20.00

This unusual work is two-thirds feature film and one-third classic documentary, with the principle of footnotes or “comments in the text” of the films. It can be said that this is a kind of anthology of Don Quixote in pictures that reveals the biography of Cervantes, following his literary creation. The director wanted to give us the opportunity to respectfully approach the mythical figure of Don Quixote by examining, using simple language, the moral and universal values of Cervantes’ masterpiece, through the perspective of the present.

13th – Sava Centre – 20:00

During the eight years since the Constantine vocal ensemble was established it has made numerous performances both at home and abroad. With over 200 performances and more than 20 solo concerts to date, Constantine has received excellent reviews from prominent musicians around the World.

The group’s repertoire consists of works of local and foreign artists: folk, pop, rock, jazz, film scores and spiritual music. The programme is focused on folk music, in an attempt to expand traditional boundaries. The group won the Grand Prix of the Klapa Festival in Perast, Croatia, in 2013, and the Golden Diploma of the International Choral Competition in Vrnjačka Banja, while the City of Niš has also acknowledge the importance of Constantine’s work and awarded it with the city’s most prestigious prize, “11. Januar”.

The Belgrade concert at the Sava Centre will see Constantine introduced by special guests Galeta – Kerber and Duo Moderato, as well as an instrumental group that will accompany Constantine on stage.

Best Young Pianists from Macedonia
16th – Guarnerius – 20:00

In the framework of regional cultural cooperation, the Serbian public will be presented with the best young pianists from the Republic of Macedonia, students of the Ilija Nikolovski-Luj Music School and the Faculty of Music in Skopje, in the class of Professor Kristijan Karovski. The Belgrade concert of young pianists from Macedonia will be held on Monday, 16th May at 8pm in the concert hall of the Guarnerius Fine Arts Centre.

The concert will feature 10 brilliant young pianists, the best students from the class of Kristijan Karovski: Labina Pop Dučev, Anastasija Kočeva, Mileski Damjan, Džaferi Njomza, Ivana Janakieva, Amina Nikočevik, Todor Spandžov, Matej Nikoljski, Viktorija Miteska and Mimica Dučeva.

Programme: Chopin, Scriabin, Liszt, Brahms, Prokofiev, Shostakovich, Tchaikovsky.

Vienna Boys ChoirVienna Boys’ Choir
21st – Sava Centre – 20:00

For the first time in more than thirty years, the famous Vienna Boys’ Choir, one of the most recognisable brands and cultural “ambassadors” of Austria and the City of Vienna, will perform in front of the Belgrade audience in the Great Hall of the Sava Centre.

The Vienna Boys’ Choir is known for its unique sound and recognisable outfits – stylish sailors’ uniforms. Their music, but also pure energy, fills the hearts of listeners from Europe to Japan, from America to China, and wherever they perform.

The choir was founded in 1498 and until 1918 performed exclusively for the imperial court, to the masses, concerts and private events, as well as during national festivities. Musicians such as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri, Christoph Willibald Gluck and Anton Bruckner worked with the choir. Brothers Joseph and Michael Haydn were members of the choir of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral and often sang with the choir boys.

The choir’s repertoire includes everything from medieval to contemporary and experimental music. Motets and solo songs comprise the core of tour performances, as well as special arrangements typical to Viennese music, such as waltzes and polkas by Laner and Strauss, made especially for the Choir.

The Belgrade concert of the Vienna Boys’ Choir will present one of its most popular projects, entitled Around the World in 80 minutes. This programme is very diverse and includes songs ranging from folk, classical and pop songs, from all the countries visited by Phileas Fogg, the hero of the famous novel by Jules Verne, which served as inspiration for the creation of this programme, including songs from England, France, Italy, India, China, Japan, Ireland and America.

Leo BorisavljevićLeo Borisavljevic
28th – Guarnerius – 20:00

One of Serbia’s most promising young pianists, Leo Borisavljević, will perform at the Guarnerius Fine Arts Centre on 28th May at 8pm.

Leo Borisavljević is a fourth year student of piano at the Belgrade Music Academy. He has won numerous awards at national and international competitions, including first prize at the International Competition for Young Pianists in Šabac in 2007 and 2009, the Promenade Piano Talents in Belgrade (2007, 2008 and 2009), Banja Luka Biennale 2008, the 2009 Dr Vojislav Vučković Competition for Young Pianists in Belgrade, the 2009 Republican Contest of Students of Music and Ballet Schools of Serbia (soloist) and 2010 (piano duo), and the 2013 Chopin Fest in Belgrade. He won second prize at the International piano competition in Gorizia, Italy, in 2008, came third in the Petar Konjović International Competition in Belgrade in 2010 and that same year’s Zlatko Grgošević International Competition for Young Pianists in Zagreb. Leo is also the winner of the Bolshoi International Competition (Golden Matrjoška) within the framework of the festival on Mokra Gora in 2015.

Programme: Ludwig van Beethoven, Robert Schumann