Culture Calendar

April 2016.

The French Episode of Sava SumanovicExhibition: The French Episode of Sava Šumanovic
1st April – 5th May – Matica Srpska Gallery, Novi Sad – 10:00-18:00

An exhibition called “The French Episode of Sava Šumanović” has been co-created by the Sava Šumanović Art Gallery from Šid, the French Institute in Serbia and art historian Professor Lidija Merenik. Director of the Matica Srpska Gallery Tijana Palkovljević Bugarski, Director of the Sava Šumanović Gallery, Vesna Burojević, and art historian Professor Lidija Merenik all spoke at the exhibition’s opening. The exhibition was officially opened by Jean-Baptiste Cuzin, Director of the French Institute in Serbia.

The exhibition showcases 24 paintings and drawings from the Sava Šumanović Gallery in Šid, the Matica Srpska Gallery and private collections. Šumanović created the exhibited paintings and drawings in Paris in 1929 and they represent an important body of work when it comes to shedding light on Šumanović’s creative path.

Paris, as Europe’s hub of art and culture, has appealed to many Serbian artists and Šumanović is no exception. He visited Paris on three occasions in the 1920s. The exhibition is accompanied by bilingual (Serbian and French) descriptions. “The French Episode of Sava Šumanović” was put together with the help of the Director of the Sava Šumanović Gallery in Šid, Vesna Burojević, and professor of art history at the Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy, Lidija Merenik.

The exhibition is accompanied by an additional programme tailored to both younger and older audiences, which includes lectures, guided tours, educational and creative workshops for children and youngsters and a musical evening.

The Elegant Salsa NightThe Elegant Salsa Night
1st – Guarnerius – 21:00

The Elegant Salsa Night dance event, arranged by dance schools Primera and Familia, will take place on Friday 1st April at 9pm. This event will enable the audience to enjoy the performances of professional dancers, with dances choreographed especially for the event.

International Accordion Festival4th International Accordion Festival
2nd – 3rd – Guarnerius – 10:00
The Music, Education and Accordion Association is holding the 4th consecutive International Accordion Festival, MehFest. The aim of this festival is to bring together local and foreign students, teachers, concert performers and lecturers. The Festival takes place at the Guarnerius Art Centre concert hall on 2nd and 3rd April. Seeking out young musical talents, promoting the accordion and supporting talented students are just some of the Festival’s priorities, which are realised through a number of activities. The Festival’s diverse programme has attracted plenty of attention from participants in Serbia and the region, as well as from other countries of the world where the accordion is played and cherished. With an average of 100 competitors in 15 competition categories (solo performance, chamber performance, orchestra), MehFest is one of the most popular accordion competitions in Serbia. The Festival also provides generous prizes and awards for winners in every category. The jury is comprised of eminent accordion professors who are renowned both here and abroad.

Balet RimaRome Ballet
7th – Belgrade Drama Theatre – 20:00

The Rome Ballet will perform in Belgrade for the first time at the 13th Belgrade Dance Festival. This ballet company has completely changed its repertoire during the last two seasons, welcoming new choreographers and contemporary productions. The troupe will perform two ballets at the Belgrade Drama Theatre. The first will be performed on the small stage on 6th April, at 5pm, as part of the Vip Talents project. The ballet is called “Home Alone” and is choreographed by Italian Alessandro Sciarroni.

This performance is mainly for children aged between 8 and 15 and aims to introduce them to contemporary dance expressions. “Home Alone” is a fun ballet with an interactive video segment that inspires youngsters to think by showcasing movements and expressions on the scene in a very different way. The ballet stimulates the intelligence and intuition that young people (and possibly future dancers) all possess within themselves.

Through the use of a screen and a computer, performers will deform, expand or reduce the space, while adapting their bodies to suit different shapes. On the main stage, on 7th April at 8pm, the Rome Ballet will give a daring performance called Paradox, choreographed by Israeli Itamar Serussi and Italinan Paolo Mangiola, which is intended for seasoned theatre and festival audiences. The performances put together by these two very daring choreographers will explore relations between men and women by combining the use of incredible bodies of dancers from this young Italian dance company with an interesting history.

As of recently, the Rome Ballet has been headed by Roberto Casarotto, a long-time art director and curator of the famous dance festival in Bassano del Grappa. The troupe’s performances at the Belgrade Dance Festival will also represent their international premieres.

Izlozba Art and ScienceExhibition: Art & Science
7th – 27th – Gallery Artget

The Science Promotion Centre will organise an exhibition entitled Art & Science at the Belgrade Culture Centre from 7th to 27th April, as part of the project European Digital Art and Science Network. The exhibition will showcase works by both national and international artists that have been inspired by science and new technology.

Izlozba Izložba fotografija - Arno FischerExhibition of Arno Fischer Photographs
7th – 28th – Gallery Artget

An exhibition put together by the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (IFA) showcases 140 photographs by Arno Fischer, a Berlin-based photographer and photography teacher, thereby providing an impressive overview of his exceptional body of work. Fischer’s black and white photographs have had a strong influence on generations of photographers in East Germany and beyond. The exhibition encompasses different stages of Fischer’s work, starting with his earliest collection of photographs, called ‘The Situation in Berlin’. Berlin takes centre stage in Fischer’s photography, which was divided into four sectors at the time when the collection emerged. Fischer’s work was banned once the Berlin Wall was built in 1961. He also worked for East German culture and fashion magazine Zibile, in which he published fascinating portraits of famous people, including Marlene Dietrich, as well as many photographs from his travels both in the country and abroad to places like India, Africa and New York.

The final exhibition segment comprises Polaroid images taken in Fischer’s garden. The photographer divided these still-life photographs into groups which he combined to show the essence of his artistic work.

Several East German films will be also screened during the exhibition, including the famous ‘Sky above Berlin’ (from 1987), directed by Wim Wenders, ‘Good bye, Lenin’ (2003), directed by Wolfgang Becker, and Jericho (2008), directed by Christian Petzold.

Concert for Arsen, Gabi, Matija & friendsConcert for Arsen, Gabi, Matija & Friends
9th – Sava Centre – 20:00

In homage to Arsen Dedić, one of the best and most original musicians in this part of the world in the last 50 years, a concert will take place at the Sava Centre on 9th April under the name “Concert for Arsen, Gabi, Matija and Friends”. Arsen Dedić is among the artists who have had an enormous impact on music in this region and it is really difficult to summarise the greatness of his body of work.

The death of this genius songwriter, singer, poet and musician in August last year left a huge void and brought together generations of his fans from all over the former Yugoslavia who grew up and lived through his poems and songs. Apart from his wife Gabi Novak and son Matija, the concert will include performances by many of Arsen’s long-time friends and associates, including Zoran Predin, Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni, Bisera Velentalnić, Zafir Hadžimanov and the Camerata Serbica Orchestra, conducted by maestro Josip Cvitanović.

The Concert for Arsen, Gabi, Matija and Friends is a great opportunity to pay homage and to be reminded of everything that Arsen Dedić did for music, and for all of us who were shaped by his songs and became better people because of them.

Radio & JulietRadio & Juliet
19th – Sava Centre – 20:00

The “Radio and Juliet” ballet is inspired by Shakespeare’s most famous work and the music of popular UK band Radiohead. This spectacle is the work of world-renowned choreographer Edward Clug, while the role of Romeo will be played by one of the world’s most famous ballet dancers, Denis Matvienko, champion of St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theatre. Maritvenko has won awards at the most prestigious competitions and is ranked among the world’s best contemporary ballet dancers. After ten years performing on the stages of the national theatres of Russia, the U.S., Ukraine, Australia, Canada, Korea, Singapore, Romania and Slovenia, where he has always been escorted off stage to standing ovations, he perform in front of the Belgrade audience will for the first time in the Great Hall of the Sava Centre.

Divna & MelodiDivna & Melodi
21st – Sava Centre – 20:00
Divna Ljubojević, a singer with an angelic voice, and her Melodi vocal ensemble will celebrate their 25th anniversary with a concert at Belgrade’s Sava Centre on 21st April. The concert will be held under the patronage of the city’s Culture Secretariat and will take place during the Days of Belgrade event.

“The concert is also known under the name “Belgrade Meeting Easter” and, from now on it will be held every year. It features Byzantine, Serbian, Russian, Greek, and Bulgarian spiritual music. As always, I will be accompanied on stage by Melodi, as well as our dear musical guests, who are always with us whenever we are celebrating a jubilee or have an important concert,” says Divna.

Apart from the Sava Centre concert, Divna and Melodi will release an Anthology CD to celebrate their jubilee. The CD will be released by the PGP RTS label and will be officially promoted on 1st April, when Divna will sing “some of the most beautiful songs from the Orthodox east”.

Divna founded the Melodi choir and spiritual music studio with a group of friends in Belgrade in 1991. Since that time they have performed numerous concerts and held performances at renowned festivals all over the world, releasing a total of 22 CDs in Serbia and abroad. Divna is today considered one of the best missionaries of Serbian, Byzantine and Orthodox cultural heritage, as well as one of the top musical performers.

The 21st April concert will enable to the audience to enjoy “a wonderful, visually stunning concert with several musical surprises,” adds Divna.

Izlozba Migel u Cervantesu Pozornica CudesaExhibition: Miguel in Cervantes – The Theatre of Wonders
21st April – 16th June – Cervantes Institute – 10:00-22:00

The exhibition Miguel in Cervantes: The Theatre of Wonders is a fusion of two art disciplines – Spanish literature and graphic design. The exhibition is being staged to mark the 400th anniversary of the publishing of the second part of Don Quixote (1615) and four centuries since Miguel de Cervantes’ death (1616). The exhibition will also celebrate Spanish illustrators who have made Spain one of the most prominent countries in art.

The exhibition also includes the graphical revival of The Theatre of Wonders, one of eight plays written by Cervantes, published in 1615. This play represents Cervantes’ interpretation of Oriental stories where social status hinged upon one’s looks, with no relevance to one’s intelligence.

The illustrators who brought to life the characters from The Theatre of Wonders are David Rubin and Miguelanxo Prado, who illustrated Cervantes himself and his life while showing us some unknown details from the writer’s biography.

Gobovic SistersGobovic Sisters & Gobo Sisters Band
23rd – Kombank Arena – 20:00
Twin sisters Marija and Marina Gobović and the Gobo Sisters Band will perform songs from their two albums – Zora (released in 2014) and Probudi Se (released in 2015) at a concert entitled “Beauty Lies in Tradition”, which will take place in the Great Hall of the Sava Centre on 15th April. These songs are mostly original folk music with a 21st century rhythm. The idea behind the concert is to familiarise younger people with this musical genre.

Apart from the Gobović sisters, other members of the Gobo Sisters Band include songwriter and keyboardist Andrej Andrejević, as well as several great multi-instrumentalists who play traditional Balkan instruments. The band performs songs inspired by Serbian and Balkan tradition, with very original and contemporary arrangements. Their songs can be categorised as representing the modern tradition of the Balkans or ethno-pop.

The Gobović sisters won in the duet category at the Zlatni Opanak competition in 2009, while at the Vrnjačka Banja Festival of July 2011 they performed the song “Tears of Pearls”, composed by Goran Radinović, which won them the award for the best ethno-pop song.

In 2013 they performed as special guests alongside the top trumpet of Guča, Dejan Petrović, at the Guča Festival. The Branko Cvetković Folk Dance Ensemble and several special guests will perform alongside the sisters at this latest concert. The audience will be able to enjoy beautiful interpretations of well-known folk songs and discover a musical tradition previously unknown to them.

International Jazz DayInternational Jazz Day: Lia Pale & Miona Deler Babic
30th – Dom Omladine – 21:00

International Jazz Day will be celebrated worldwide on 30th April, under the patronage of a UNESCO programme. The UN’s official documents from 2011 declared jazz as “a means of communication, dialogue and unity among people“. Since 2012, Belgrade’s Dom Omladine youth centre and the Belgrade Jazz Festival have been celebrating this day annually with a series of jazz concerts.

This year, to mark International Jazz Day 2016, Dom Omladine will host a double concert featuring two exceptional artists – Miona Deler Babić and Lia Pale. Both combine jazz with pop music and European cabaret music in their own individual style. At this Dom Omladine concert they will perform their own songs, as well as selected traditional jazz songs.