13th CorD Charity Masters: Sunday, 14 April 2019

For the 13th consecutive year, CorD Magazine in collaboration with the Belgrade Marathon is organising CorD Charity Masters, a humanitarian run dedicated to helping those in need.

The first humanitarian run of the Belgrade Marathon, CorD Charity Masters will this year take place in correspondence with the upcoming 32nd Belgrade Marathon, Sunday 14 April 2019.

You are invited to run (or stroll if you so desire) at least 5km to raise money for the charity of your choice.

How can I apply for the CorD Charity Masters?

Send an email until Friday 16:00 latest to charitymasters@cordmagazine.com

Where to donate?

Race participants have complete freedom to choose any humanitarian organisation they wish to support. Every CorD Charity Master will receive a certificate and a commemorative T-shirt as proof of their participation.

The results of the race and details of funds raised will be published in May issue of CorD magazine and www.cordmagazine.com.

How to raise funds?

Each participant should secure sponsorship of at least RSD 400 for every kilometre they run during the race.

How to make a payment?

Donations should be paid either to CorD’s special account or directly onto the accounts of the organisations you wish to benefit from your donation.

Who checks how many kilometres have been completed?

This is a charity race, with each runner expected to calculate the length of their own race. In addition, special judges will be tasked with assisting for half- and full marathon runners.

How does one become a sponsor or obtain a sponsor?

Sponsors can be any individual, company, organisation, association or mission that agrees to pay the runner. Sponsors can also include work colleagues who are willing to collect funds for the charity of your choice. You can obtain sponsorship within your company or from family members, friends etc., whoever wants to join the race.  CorD magazine will sponsor the first 10 runners who apply.

How many participants can take part in the CorD Charity Masters?

In agreement with the organisers of the Belgrade Marathon, all participants who apply for the CorD Charity Masters will be accepted.

Is there a minimum sponsorship level per kilometre?

The money given to charity is not always the most important factor. Accordingly, there is no set minimum – though RSD400 per km is recommended.

What percentage of the money raised goes to charity?

All money raised goes to charity.

Will CorD Charity Masters participants run/stroll along other Belgrade Marathon participants?

Yes. Participants of the CorD Charity Masters will start the race at the same time as all other participants of the 32nd Belgrade Marathon.

Any further questions?

Call us +(381 11) 2450 508 or send an email charitymasters@cordmagazine.com

We are looking forward to seeing you on the 14th of April!