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August 2016

Terminal Music & Art FestivalTerminal Music & Art Festival

4 – Summer Stage “Cabaret”, Sombor – 20:00

Terminal Music & Art is an international festival taking place on 4th and 5th August in Sombor, which will include more than 30 foreign and domestic musicians and fine artists, with the audience enjoying jazz, electro, funk and disco music genres. Thanks to the support of the Italian Cultural Institute, this festival also includes the participation of the Mauro Sigura Quartet.

In 2013, Mauro Sigura, Gianfranco Fedele, Alessandro Cau and Tancredi Emmi established their quartet and implemented “The color Identity” project. After a series of successful concerts in the most important jazz clubs in Sardinia and in Rome, this quartet performed in Tunisia in the Acropolium in Carthage and in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of the International Jazz Festival. In 2015 the Mauro Sigura Quartet released its debut album for the label SARD-EGEA, presented at the European Jazz Expo in Calgary. Since then it has continued to record success.

The event is organised in collaboration with Instituto Italiano di Cultura Belgrado.

Stroll through Italian cultural heritage - Northern ItalyStroll through Italian cultural heritage – Northern Italy

4 – Fabrika – 20:00

The Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade, in cooperation with Fabrika, is organising a “Stroll through Italian cultural heritage”, a cycle of screenings of Italian archaeological films that includes a series of documentaries about Italy and its rich and diverse cultural heritage. The programme includes nine documentary films that will be presented during three evenings in the pleasant atmosphere of Fabrika’s open-air cinemas.

On Thursday 4th August the programme includes two documentaries dedicated to northern Italy:
– “Lacus Timava”, directed by Giorgio Gregorio, represents the area of Lakus Timava, a watery mirror that once enclosed coastal areas and islands, where villages constantly shifted from prehistoric times to the sixth century AD;

– “Cromazio di Aquileia al Crocevie di genti e religioni”, also directed by Giorgio Gregorio, talks about the life of Chromatius, the Bishop of Aquileia, a Roman colony founded in 181 BC, a crossroads of peoples who differed in language, culture and religion.

All documentary films are in Italian, with subtitles in Serbian.


11-14 – Niš Fortress

The International Nišville jazz festival is the largest and most-visited jazz festival in Southeast Europe. The festival is an official cultural event of the City of Niš (since 2005) and also “the festival of national value”, according to rankings published by the Serbian Ministry of Culture in 2010. The importance of the festival has also been recognised by the Serbian Ministry of Trade and Services and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with the Nišville festival winning the Best of Serbia Award in 2011. The Tourist Organisation of Serbia includes Nišville in its official offer at tourist fairs throughout Europe. In the European Union magazine “New Europe”, published in Brussels, the festival has been reviewed as representing the “European face of Serbia”.

Since the first edition of the festival in 1995, Nišville has been promoting multiculturalism as an inevitable characteristic of contemporary jazz music. The festival’s concept is based on presenting ‘traditional’ jazz forms together with their fusion with the world music tradition, with an emphasis on music from the Balkans.
One of the best jazz bands from France – RP3 (Remi Panossian Trio) is set to perform at Nišville 2016 on Sunday 14th August. The trio has been elected “Revelation of the year 2011″ by French radio ‘TSF JAZZ!’, and they’ve been invited to play a song at Olympia Hall Paris for the “You and the night and the Music” show.

One of the all-time best soul artists – Joss Stone – will perform at Nišville 2016, also on 14th August. In her short young life and already long career, Joss has performed onstage with the likes of James Brown, Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart, Gladys Knight, Solomon Burke, Blondie, Smokey Robinson and Melissa Etheridge, among many others. She’s contributed to albums by Jeff Beck and Ringo Starr, played the Super Bowl pre-game show, performed at the Grammy’s – and indeed won a Grammy herself! In her twenty-five years she’s participated in more moments of absolute musical wonder than most people can hope for in an entire lifetime.

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Ciklus Spanskog filma Bioskop pod Zvezdama LoreakCycle of Spanish film “Cinema under the Stars’

14-28 – Culture Centre GRAD

Sunday, 14.08 @ 21h
“Gente en sitios”

Shot without a budget, using a handheld camera, the film “People around us” is a “viewfinder through the kaleidoscope” situation in which comedy, drama, social issues, horror and surrealism alternate, with the common denominator of “the intractable poetic position of man versus the beasts of chaos and wonder”.

Sunday, 21.08 @ 21h
“Todos están muertos”

Lupe (Elena Anaya) suffers from severe agoraphobia and lives trapped in her home. When seen in a robe and slippers, as she lives with her mother and her teenage son who despises her, no one would think that back in the ‘80s she was a rock star. Her mother, who was sick of watching her daughter who had turned into an egocentric brawler, on All Saints’ Day, in the evening, decides to talk with her son Diego. He comes home in a steady manner: a young man of twenty-something years old, with an absent gaze. What makes the situation special is the fact that Diego is dead.

Sunday, 28.08 @ 21h

Ana’s life turns around when bouquets of flowers from an unidentified person start arriving for her every Sunday. Meanwhile, the lives of Lourdes and Terra also start to be influenced by the mysterious bouquets. An unknown person leaves a bouquet of flowers each every week in memory of a person who was an important part of their lives. This is a story of three women, three lives changed by the presence of flowers. Flowers will arouse in them feelings that have been forgotten… but in spite of everything, they’re just flowers.

Tango Jazz QuartetTango Jazz Quartet

15 – Guarnerius – 20:00

Argentina’s famous “Tango Jazz Quartet” will perform at Guarnerius on Monday 15th August.
This will be the first time for the Belgrade audience to have an opportunity to hear a live performance of this quartet, which has an approach that combines two music styles – tango and jazz – and occupies an increasingly important place on the world music scene. Playing first across Argentina and gaining many fans, since 2011 it has conquered the European music scene, performing in Germany, France, Belgium, Spain, Austria and the Czech Republic. During 2014 the quartet had a major world tour lasting almost two months.

It all started when Gustavo Firmenich brought to life dance evenings with the participation of tango orchestras and jazz bands, for which Buenos Aires was once famous, calling them “Tipica y jazz”. In dealing jazz and tango, which have many similarities, Gustavo discovered one aspect that makes the difference between the two genres – improvisation. That is why in 2000 he began searching for ways to successfully combine these two musical styles. Over the years he studies tango both theoretically and practically: he played in different chamber formations with experienced musicians, learning the secrets of tango from them. In 2005 he founded the quartet “Tango Jazz”. During the following two years the musicians in the ensemble changed often, only for the final formation of the quartet to be created in 2007, and it still elicits stunning reactions from audiences and critics alike.

The quartet has to date released four compact discs. The first was produced in collaboration with renowned French accordionist Richard Galliano and promoted through international tours, which were supported by the Ministry of Culture and Foreign Affairs of Argentina, recognising them as a project of great artistic and cultural value.

The concert is sponsored by the Embassy of Argentina in Belgrade.

Admission is free.

Guitar Art Summer FestGuitar Art Summer Fest

15-20 – Herveg Novi, Montenegro

GUITAR ART SUMMER FEST – A DECADE IN HERCEG NOVI, represents the place and concept that have taken the guitar to the steps of history. For ten years the sounds of guitars have been echoing on stone, rising and falling 100,001 times. The now familiar sound of a guitar echoing through the streets of the old town leads us through narrow, steep streets to her. It is no longer a secret. It is a tradition that begins at dusk, when the lanterns are slowly lit in Marka Cara Street. Then familiar footsteps echo through the old town, whilst at the same time the sounds of strings are being revealed. This creates a symphony prior to the start of the evening’s concert, which enchants passers-by and intentional, experienced travellers. Thus the folk of Herceg Novi, Novljani, create their own distinctive music with their steps, each of which provides tone, intonation and a signal of the start of the concert.

By tacit agreement and right of birth, everyone has their own place. They built it up over the last ten years. This place was not given to them by anyone, because the festival is nobodies, but it is theirs. Any decent individual who forms part of the audience at this romantic coastal and superior guitar festival has built their place in the last 10 years. They come together and stand proud as hosts of the evening, releasing waves of guitar sounds to once again lay siege to the city walls. That’s nothing surprising, as Herceg Novi has always been and remains a centre and inspiration of artists.

After a decade of the festival, guitarists all over the world know about the city of the arts in Kotor Bay. They talk about the audience that closely monitors every tone, which gratefully applauds every musical masterpiece and proudly welcomes artists, providing them with immeasurable inspiration. That’s how the Guitar Art Summer Fest has become a secret relationship between guitars and Novljani.

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Bogdan ĐurđevićBogdan Đurđević

31 – Guarnerius – 20:00

On Wednesday 31st August at 8pm the Guarnerius Centre for Fine Arts will host the performance of Novi Sad-based pianist with a rich career as a performer – Bogdan Đorđević.

Đorđević was born in 1977 in Novi Sad and was a student of the first generation, the so-called “Year Zero”, in the preparatory class of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad for exceptional talent in the classes of professors Kemal Gekić and Jokut Mihailovic, with whom he enrolled in June 1995, through extraordinary advancement, in full-time piano studies.

He graduated in 2000 from the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad in the class of Professor Gekić. He completed his specialist art studies in 2001 and thereafter master art studies in 2006 in the class of Professor Rita Kinka at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad. As a fourth year student he was the winner of a scholarship awarded by the University of Novi Sad for young talents and successful students as the only student from the music department. He won the second prize in the Petar Konjović International Competition in Belgrade in the category of students in 1997.

He has performed more than 100 solo concerts and recitals, as well as performing with orchestras and chamber ensembles.


Until 31st August – Institut Francais

Kashink is an unusual girl who is very active in the field of street art and graffiti. Her very appearance is atypical, because she often sports a moustache in honour of artist Frida Kahlo. She is also atypical in her works, with her pictures showing enormous protean characters with multiple eyes or a Mexican skull. And all of that is painted using a very colourful style of graphics, far from what we are accustomed to with traditional female girly graffiti.

Kashink presents engaged painting and starts from the idea that painting on the street helps people to convey a message to a great many people. In addition to themes that are very close to her heart, we also find topics that are taboo for our society, such as equal rights for men and women, homosexuality, limiting outlooks etc. She regularly creates murals on equality of rights (Act Up) and voluntarily participates in the work of associations such as the Voice of the Child and Emmaüs. She cares about street art being an engaged act.

Her work is inspired by her Slovenian and Spanish origins, pop art and narrative illustration, and are present on the streets and in galleries where her works are often exhibited. She is increasingly in demand abroad to present her work (Canada, America, Europe) and decorate the façades of European cities, particularly London, Vienna, Ibiza, Bristol, Madrid, Berlin and Paris, where she lives, and this year she will paint façades in Pančevo, Belgrade and Niš.

The French Institute in Belgrade presents her works in photographic form, according to a selection specially prepared for us by Kashink!

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