Art + Science: Makers

Center for the Promotion of Science CPN

The Center for the Promotion of Science (CPN) organises a manifestation titled Art + Science: Makers, which will be a set of exhibitions, lectures, workshops and presentations, with the aim of presenting projects that combine science and art through the use of modern technologies.

The exhibition will show the works of local creators whose practice is characterised by experimentation and the use of various technological resources. CPN Makers Speys will provide support for further development and networking of artists and scientists in working on joint interdisciplinary projects.

Part of the works will be presented at the Gallery Cervantes Institute, which hosts the Art + Science: Makers conference. The specificity of the manifestation is the indication of the importance of spatial and technological conditions in which interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects develop.

Our goal is to present the Makers concept as a common denominator of science and art, as a space that catalyses innovation and enables the realisation of ideas, with a particular focus on providing STEAM education programs.

The event takes place in November in several locations in Belgrade: Institute Cervantes, Museum of Applied Arts, Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Bitef Theater and Scientific Club Belgrade.