VODA VODA Conquers The Gulf

The home of VODA VODA in Banja Vrujci received a visit today by distributors from Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
After winning the Kuwaiti market, VODA VODA has since last month been selling in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.
This was announced with pleasure today in the House of VODA VODA in Banja Vrujci by the creator of the VODA VODA brand Vojin Đorđević and Mr Abdulazis Abdin, General Manager of Caro General Trading Co.W.LL, distributor for the Gulf states of the only Serbian artesian water.

VODAVODA welcomed its foreign partners in the traditional Serbian way, after which they visited the House of VODA VODA and its bottling line. Even after many years of business development, VODAVODA has remained true to its mission, and the distinguished guests enjoyed a creative interpretation of this mission, which says that anything is possible if you believe in it strongly enough. It was no surprise that the guests reacted strongly to the performance of the singer Tijana Dapčević: together with the Astral children’s choir of the Miloš Crnjanski primary school, she performed the composition ‘When You Believe’, a duet by Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.

Immediately after, officials and media were taken to the VODA VODA source, and Vojin Đorđević, creator of the VODA VODA brand, did not hide his pleasure that the House of VODAVODA was welcoming its partners from the Gulf states.

“This cooperation is possible because of the top quality and mineral composition of our water, but also it’s exceptional, timeless and perfect design”, said Vojin Đorđević. “It is, without doubt, a great advantage that our partners from the Gulf know that VODA VODA is the only artesian water in Serbia, which is a very important factor in the world of water. I am very happy once again to have the opportunity to welcome Abdulazis Abdin and the distributors, who are already good ambassadors of the VODA VODA brand in their countries. It is our great pleasure to award them an official accreditation during their three-day visit, confirming that they fulfil all conditions for distribution of our water to Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, apart from Kuwait, where VODA VODA is already a well-known brand”.

On behalf of the general distributor for the Gulf countries, Abdulazis Abdin said that he was convinced of the success of VODA VODA in these markets. “In Kuwait, VODA VODA has achieved great success and in no time has become the main competitor for large global producers, thanks to the composition of the water and the design of its packaging. That is why I am happy to continue our cooperation and to introduce VODA VODA  to Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia”, concluded the head of Caro General Trading Co.W.LL.