VictoriaOil: Domestically Produced Cooking Oil in China

The VictoriaOil Company continues with conquering new markets and expanding in the countries where it has been present for years following the last year’s success of increasing its sales revenue by 41% and the value of import by €10.8 million

This year, the cooking oil plant, which is a part of the Victoria Group business system, entered the Chinese market where it sold its first quantities of edible sunflower oil and raw soy oil. “We have just exported our first contingent of bottled refined sunflower oil which our Chinese partner is now selling in its retail stores. We have also exported the first 500 tonnes of raw soy oil while successfully overcoming all the challenges associated with transporting this kind of product to such a geographically distant market”, said Nikola Vujačić, CEO and Operations Director of Victoria Group. Following the traditionally successful sales of refined sunflower and oilseed rape oil, VictoriaOil has also recorded a substantial growth in demand for soy and especially sunflower lecithin used in confenctionary industry.

VictoriaOil mostly exports to countries that are close by including Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece and Albania and half of its total production is exported. The company processes 230,000 tonnes of sunflower and 85,000 tonnes of soy and oilseed rape annually which it mainly buys from local farmers. The company uses these crops uses in production of finished and semi-finished products. This makes VictoriaOil one of the biggest net exporters in Serbia.