The Office for IT and eGovernance launches new website

The Office for IT and eGovernance presented today its new website, at the Home for Adult Disabled Persons in Belgrade on the occasion of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Mihailo Jovanović, Director of the Serbian Gov Office for IT and eGovernance

With the intention of providing information and services to all citizens of Serbia, the new website has a text-to-speech function for blind and visually impaired people. Special software was developed by the domestic startup company Computer Eye Control, which allows people with disabilities to manage the computer solely with a view. The IT and eGovernment Office provided a donation in the form of computers, while Computer Eye Control provided a donation of cameras and software to the Home for Adult Disabled Persons.

In order to support the introduction of new digital e-government services in Serbia and to strengthen the capacity of public administration bodies, the Office, with the help of the Good Governance Fund of the Government of the United Kingdom (GGF) and the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), launched the Contact Center public administration intended for two-way communication with employees in state administration bodies and local self-government.