Tesla Nation project for branding the Serbian IT industry abroad

Startit announced the Tesla Nation project aimed at branding the Serbian IT industry abroad.

Tesla Nation is a brand that presents Serbia as a country of exceptional innovation and technological talent, with the aim of making it easier for Serbian entrepreneurs and innovators to reach partners, clients and investors abroad.

Although IT in Serbia is currently the healthiest economic branch, with exports that in 2018 exceeded one billion euros, it does not have the same visibility and status abroad as it does here in Serbia. 

That is why the next step in the development of Serbian IT industry is creating a strong brand that will position us as desirable partners and outstanding professionals in the field of technology and innovation.

Tesla Nation will rely on many successful Serbian entrepreneurs in the diaspora and their organisations, who work on branding Serbia and Serbian innovations abroad and who have already supported the project. The project was supported by the Digital Serbia initiative, which brings together 25 companies around the idea of a digital transformation of Serbia.

Within the next month, Tesla Nation website will be launched, the first to regularly and consistently report on Serbian IT in English, and provide information and opportunities for people interested in visiting Serbia, get employed in one of the domestic IT companies or find partners for their businesses.