Telekom Srbija Start-Up Programme

Telekom Srbija acquires cable operator Kopernikus Technology
  • mts start-up accelerator – third cycle of the programme for techno-entrepreneurs
  • up to 3 teams from the Start-Up Academy will be supported for a total of €20,000
  • 10 teams announced for Start-Up Academy in 2018-19

Telekom Srbija has launched a new, third cycle of its programme mts Start-Up Accelerator aimed at entrepreneurs who are just developing their business concepts. For techno-entrepreneurs who have graduated the Start-Up Academy, help to develop their innovative ideas and financial support will amount to €20,000.

Telekom Srbija has developed this programme in cooperation with the association Startit, the organiser of the Start-Up Academy, which is considered one of the best educative platforms for technological entrepreneurs in the region. Companies that took their first lessons on business at the Start-Up Academy have turned over more than 20 million euros to date, and taken over 5 million in investment.

Ten business teams that have graduated the Academy are taking part in the programme mts Start-Up Accelerator, which will provide €20,000, additional mentoring support and free services for developing digital products – mts optical Internet access and cloud server. This programme is part of a broader initiative by Telekom Srbija under the name of Start the Starters, with which the company seeks to strengthen individuals and institutions to begin positive changes in their surroundings, especially in education and entrepreneurship.
The financial support will be given to at most three teams by a decision of a jury of five, from Telekom Srbija and the association Startit, with three successful entrepreneurs.

In an intensive three-month training programme, lecturers at the Start-Up Academy will help the teams realise their business ideas as quickly as possible, find their first users and work out the optimal business model to ensure a stable revenue stream. Graduates will again this year develop interesting business concepts, from online English courses and sites to more easily master schoolwork, making a game of the process of learning, through platforms for sale and checking of digital content, to solutions that help blockchain programmers.

The Start-Up Academy is the first accelerator in Europe to become part of Google’s Google Developers Launchpad programme, for the development of a global network of accelerators, mentors and start-ups.